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Return to Base

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 4:04am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: After Captain vonMcCormick's last post

"Yep. That's a wrap!" The Admiral clapped his hands. "Captain Spice, I believe our shuttle is waiting."

"Perfect, Sir," said Captain Spice as he reviewed some of the footage on his device. "I think this punk'd twist is really going to help the show after our poor ratings last year."

"Absolutely, Captain. Commander, see you back at Starbase 10!"

Winters fell back into the command chair, a gentle, yet throbbing pain in his head continued to make itself known. It had started back when he lead the away team back down to the planet, but now, now that the excitement and mystery was gone, it had reared it's ugly head again. Aurther spun in the chair slightly to see the Admiral and Captain Spice leave the bridge. That gave him a slight amount of relief. The contemplation of why exactly he was requested from his previous post and assigned back to the Norris would be a mystery for him. Perhaps he had gotten a little to complicit in his last post, maybe this excitement was what he actually needed to get himself back to his optimal performance again. He turned back to the front of the bridge, ready to give the order for the ship to be taken out of orbit when it dawned very quickly on him that the acting helmsman, Lt. Collier was still missing. Standing up he himself sat down at the helm and started to bring the Chuck Norris down into a lower orbit. With a few taps to the controls the view screen zoomed into a particular part of the planet.

"Commander, what exactly are you doing?" Commander Borġ questioned as he sat down at the science station.

"Well, I generally remember where we beamed down, or at least thought we beamed down originally. I am assumed that while we were getting... "Punked..."" he finally let out an audible sigh, "The team that programmed the holodeck had us follow where Lt. Collier was actually heading."

"That is a stretch sir." Borġ stated, his hands began to run scans on the planet.

"Well it's the best I have right now, and let's just call it a hunch. Narrow the band on the main sensor array, and pinpoint it on the co-ordinates I am sending to you"

"The hull is starting the raise in temperature, we are on the edge of starting the skim the atmosphere" Ensign Unova spoke up her her tactical console.

"Understood, I will try to keep us on course." Winters replied as his hands dashed to keep the ship from losing control. He could see the slight glow of red from the hull and even sparks as flames as the ship continued it's decent.

"I think I have picked up a Starfleet signal Commander, it's very hard to read, almost like it's coming from underground." Borġ sounded slightly surprised.

"Send the information down to the transporter chief, and have him make an educated guess and beam what he might assume to be a person up."

"Aye sir, information has been sent." There was a few moments of pause.

Aurther's hand hit the comm button, "Bridge to transporter bay, did you get anything?"

=/\= Yes sir, we have beamed up Lt. Collier, he seems to be injured, but responsive =/\=

"Excellent, inform medical and get him down to sick bay." Just as he closed the channel the ship shuddered slightly.

"Hull integrity has reached it's maximum tolerance." Unova interjected into the conversation.

"You don't have to tell me twice." The engines of the Chuck Norris glinted slightly more bright as the ship broke from orbit and shot back out into space.

"I'm setting a course for Starbase 10, when Mr. Collier is better, please have him return to his post. Until then, Ensign Unova please take the helm."

"Aye sir" Unova took a set at the helm, Winters breathing a sigh of relief headed to the ready room to write a very long, detailed and interesting report.

With that the Chuck Norris shot into a blue flash into the blackness of space.

OFF: Just trying to fully wrap things up before we get back to the Starbase to meet with the new crew.

Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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