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Total Drama-Romma

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Officers Gang Way
Timeline: After Norris Docks

Location: Observation Lounge & Main Gang Ways.


Pibb sat quietly, in the upper Observation Lounge that overlooked the Main Observation Area. {no need to interrupt the families meeting there loved ones} he thought to himself. He has sent a private message to Chief Ryoko when the ship was on final approach to space dock.

After about an hour and a half later, the ship finally made "Liberty Call" and the crew began to disembark. In a nice and orderly fashion as usual by rank. Officers and Senior enlisted, followed by Petty Officers and finally the rest of the crew. Pibb could sense much joy and relief as crew and family reunited with on another.

The one think Pibb couldn't shake was the Admiral pacing by the Officers Gang Way. It was only moments ago he could see the Admiral badgering the Officer of the Deck. The Admiral had the poor lad at attention on the Quarter Deck. Most likely barking his disappointment over something.

It was then he decided to avoid the Admiral like the plague. Nothing good would come of introducing himself at this point. Pibb finished his drink and began to make his way down. He crossed the endless seas of friends and families reuniting. The good vibes were pleasing to his Betazoid senses. It put a smile on his face to learn a young MA3 was meeting his newborn child for the first time. {Wow, gave birth while away. That must have been rough} he thought, as the family weep with joy.

*turning his attention back*

Then, there was the Admiral. *Pibb was tense for a moment* In a tense argument with a young Lieutenant. Most of the conversation was nonverbal. Not a single word was required. What they weren't saying spoke volumes compared to what little they did say to one another. {Nope} as he began to scan for an out, he heard a familiar voice "Mr. Pibb," in a cheerful voice. He turned to find Chief Ryoko with his signature Kelpien walk, walking towards him.

"Where did you come from? I didn't see you leave the ship." Ryoko was keen on being able to sneak up on him. He was satisfied with a smirk as usual. "Clearly, *tilting his head the side* I haven't lost my touch."

"Indeed. You have not my friend." As the two shook hands, "It's been along time," as Pibb looked over his shoulder at the Admiral and Lt.

"Ah, yes. That would be. Lt. G'ginloss and Admiral Wilson. They would appear, to be. In a. Well Disagreement of sorts." *Pibb nodded* in agreement.

"Might. I suggest, we take the Enlisted quarterdeck. To enter the ship. There, you can meet a few of our collogues." Raising an eye brow. Pibb replied "You crazy son of a bitch. I'm in." *pointing to Ryoko*

"Right this way, " as Ryoko guested towards the Enlisted Quarterdeck.

As they approached, the two guards stood quietly as a Chief stood at the podium. The Chief eyeing them intensely. Pibb and Ryoko exchanged a sub limital message as they looked at one another. With a PADD in one hand Pibb began to walk towards the Chief and Ryoko to the guards. It was unusual to see an Officer come aboard using the Enlisted Quarterdeck.

The Chief called the Quarterdeck to attention. "As you were!", as Pibb made sure to make eye contact with each and everyone present. "This is a surprise inspection." Pibb barked out. Ryoko began to inspect each guard intently asking the usual questions.

"Chief Master at Arms Kenneth Kors Sir," as he presented a copy of the post orders and logbooks. "Very well Chief," as he took the PADD's and began to inspect them one by one. Each entry meticulously entered and detailed as he would expect.

"Holy Christ, Chief Kors, these logbooks are impeccable, *staring the Chief down*. "For not one error, can I find. This is definitely, exceeds my expectations of the Chuck Norris Security Department. You have brought great credit to yourself and to that of Starfleet." Trying to keep his command presence as stern and official as possible. Both Ryoko and Pibb desperately wanted to chuckle as the ruse to sneak aboard the Norris via the Enlisted Quarterdeck was working smoothly.

He looked sternly at Kors again, while handing him back the logbooks. "Carry on Chief."

The two then bargain to turn and make their way inside the Norris. When the Chief asked "Sir, may I ask who are you?"

Pibb turned slowly to meet the question head on and smirked. "Why, My dear Chief. I'm Balen Pibb. Your new Asst. Chief of Security. Carry on my wayward Shipmates. You will have peace when your done."

With a stern pop to attention the three men shouted "Yes, Sir!" and Pibb and Ryoko disappeared into the ship.


Balen Pibb, ENS, ACOS
USS Chuck Norris


Mark Ryoko, MAC, Security Investigation Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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