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Well that's good

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2020 @ 6:46am by Ensign John Wyatt
Edited on on Sat Jul 18th, 2020 @ 8:57am

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current(somewhere with Kirk)

The ship had inserted itself into the long anticipated space station.There was a few hours before they had to leave again so the people of the lower decks had decided to make small talk.

Allright were finnaly here, one of them cheered I cant wait to meet the new crew he added following his cheer.

I cant either another young man replied to him.

So what's new in the lower decks? He asked the cheering Ensign.

I guess wyatt finnaly figured part of his untold history and Starfleet
authorized him to go on a 8 Month research trip to find out more about it. He replied.

Really so he will be out? Well physically yes but hes gonna keep constant communication with the ship. Hes already called me once and I'm jealous because he got to time travel.he added with a slight resemblance to anger in his voice.

Time travel? Why? The other Ensign asked.
Last I talked to him he time traveled to one of Kirk's ships not necessarily the enterprise.

That's not fair the questionnaire told him.Tell him that your self hes scheduled to make a call before we leave again.

Attention all crew members of the chuck norris
Please report to the view screen on the 8th floor of the starbase.
Suddenly a man came on the screen.followed by a familiar voice.
Hello crew how's the starbase?

Oh its good we just met our new crew.the formerly cheering Ensign said.
You'll never guess who one of our crewmates is or at least who's filling your position until your return.
Your adopted Klingon brother.
Oh that's cool he did just graduate from the academy wyatt said sounding boastful.

So tell me again why your on Kirk's ship? He asked wyatt.

I guess there was important imformation left in the past about my mother.Wyatt began to explain.
Upon discovering that the info was somewhere here I had to time travel to the only place it couldve come from.Kirks enterprise.Wyatt continued.
Winters now more than confused as ever asked.What exactly does your mom have to do with jim kirk?

My mother died saving kirk commander apparently during one of his last voyages.

Which is where I am.Only its about 3 days before she becomes one of Kirk's last yeoman's.Wyatt started expanding on the conversation.If I can find out how exactly she died or how she apparently survived then I can leave the past and come back to the present.My possible theory is that planet we discovered a while back where I found her was in something similar to the nexus.he concluded.

That's possible I guess.wyatt be careful please time travel can be dangerous if abused you know.
Winters addressed with concern.

I know that but remember this is authorized by Starfleet I'm not going to do anything you wouldn't do commander.

Allright Wyatt talk to you soon.

You to Ensign David.


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