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Grazerite Extinguished

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2023 @ 9:06pm by Captain Michael Intermeezo

Mission: CSI: Chuck Norris
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Present


“Captain’s log, stardate 63916.03,

The Chuck Norris has departed Vulcan less than an hour ago after picking up the final delegate. Our mission is to transport delegates to Earth for an important conference regarding the climate change currently being experienced on the Grazerite homeworld. Their atmosphere has become dangerously thin due to the static pollution that they eject out into the air during their essential industrial production, and the conference is designed to offer solutions to this pressing issue.

We currently have five delegates onboard:

Ramej-Kino, the Grazerite delegate.
Grul, the Tellarite delegate.
Sheris, the Andorian delegate.
T’vakri, the Vulcan delegate.
Zelo, the Bolian delegate.

Meeting us at Earth will be the Terran, Betazed, Arcadia, Caitian, Deltan, Kasheeta, Benzar, Trill and Xindi delegates.

I have asked that security remain on high alert during our journey, and that we remain at yellow alert. Having such ‘high value’ targets onboard makes me somewhat nervous, but Lieutenant Commander Rodale assures me there should be smooth sailing between Vulcan and Earth. I certainly hope that her prediction is correct. Once we have reached Earth I plan on promoting her to full commander. She’s proved to be an excellent asset to the ship and its crew, and she thoroughly deserves the accolade.

For now I have arranged an evening formal dinner between myself, the senior staff, and the delegates. It will be a welcome opportunity for my senior staff to ‘rub shoulders’ with other species and to learn from them about their cultures. I think we could all fill in a few gaps in our knowledge about some of these cultures.

{USS Chuck Norris, Captain’s Quarters - after the dinner}

Michael Intermeezo slept quietly in his room. The perks of being Captain meant he was automatically assigned the largest quarters on the ship. But even the largest quarters onboard a Defiant Class ship were almost equal in size to the smallest quarters onboard a Galaxy class vessel. He shifted from his left side and onto his right. His belly was full from the dinner, and he felt uncomfortable and a little bloated. That was the last time he’d be eating different foods from different species all in one sitting.

=/\= Ensign Andrews to Captain =/\= the voice of the young security officer chirped from Intermeezo’s commbadge.

The Captain opened his eyes slowly, roused by the message. He leaned over to his bedside table and pressed the commbadge. “Intermeezo here.” He rubbed his eyes and yawned silently. The digital clock on his bedside cabinet showed that it was 02:13am.

=/\= Sir, can you come immediately to deck 4. We have a situation =/\=

Intermeezo stopped mid-yawn and sat up in his bed. “A situation? What kind of a situation?”

=/\= One of the delegates appears to have been killed in their quarters =/\=

Intermeezo leapt out of bed as quickly as his legs could take him. “I’m on my way. Have Lieutenant Kronnelti and Commander Rodale meet me there.”

{Deck 4}

The Captain arrived at the guarded quarters to find one of the delegates on the floor of the room. It was Ramej-Kino, the Grazerite delegate.

Stood in the corner were the medical team. K’ner looked towards the Captain and shook her head to inform him that the Grazerite was dead, despite their best efforts.

“Cause of death?” The Captain asked aloud.

“Phaser wound.” K’ner answered. “High setting. Direct to the chest.”

Intermeezo stepped closer and saw the scorch mark to the dead man’s chest and abdomen. Rodale and Kronnelti arrived seconds later. “I want this ship locked down immediately. No-one leaves and no-one comes onboard. Minimise off-ship communication to myself and Lieutenant Commander Rodale only.” He paused for a moment and looked around the room. “There’s a murderer onboard the Chuck Norris. We need to find them.”


Captain Michael Intermeezo
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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