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On our way

Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 6:40pm by Commander Aurther Winters

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Unknown Planet
Timeline: Current

OFF: Happy Independence Day to all those celebrate it, and I missed it, but also happy Canada Day as well for those who celebrate it as well.

ON: (Unknown Planet)

Aurther stood readjusting his gear, making sure that every strap was tightened, and buckles were clipped. It was the only ground of reality he could hold in his mind right now. Nothing was making sense to him and if he didn't know better he assumed he was on the holodeck. His search for Lt. Collier had lead him and the away team to a weird structure, and then almost passing out to wake up in yet another strange place that had not been scanned on the surface.
Commander Date, Captain Picard and 7 of 9? These are definitely people who should not be here. Data was killed during the Shinzon incident, and Captain Picard had been made an admiral some time later. 7 of 9 had only been back in the Alpha quadrant for a shorter amount of time and was not assigned to this sector. All of this was unusual and damn irregular, but his time in Starfleet has trained him just to roll with the punches some times.

"Shall we make our way to Ensign Wyatt?" Data asked as he stood in the doorway. Aurther spun to face him, reading his face and doing a once over on his body, he did seem to be the embodiment of Commander Data.

"I would say so, you said he was assimilated, which means we don't have that much time to lose."

"Correct Commander, I have check with your personnel file, and while I would be prudent that you lead this mission, I must recommend that Captain Picard take lead on this current endeavor."

"That's a real wordy way to say Captain Picard's on point."

Data's head cocked to the side as he processed the response. "You are correct Commander, that would have been an easier way to put it. I shall remember that next time.

"Right" Aurther saw Picard walk behind Data, Spice and his camera crew in hot pursuit behind him. "After you Commander, I assume that from my record it would be wise to have me guard the rear?"

Data thought for a moment, "That would be most prudent."

"Alright, after you." Winters gestured to the android and the team now made their way to wherever Ensign Wyatt may be, to hopefully help, but if the situation called for it, drastic measure would have to be taken.


Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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