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Get out of here

Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 8:14am by Ensign John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Dessert
Timeline: Current

Anyone out there Winters addressed angirly.
Again Anyone out there?
At this point Winters had decided to just go on anyway. As there was obviously no answer.

Okay Aurther with me.Make sure your phaser is ready.
Ay sir He replied.

As for you two he said turning around stay behind I'm not losing any more lives understood?

Yes sir.

Now a long painstaking hour had passed since he had departed.Winters was nearly passed out from heat exhaustion when a cloaked man found him.
Winters didn't see much of this man except his glowing gold eyes just prior to passing out.

Aurther of course had remained conscience enough to follow this man to a nearby village.Or rather the remnants of a village.

After a good half hour or so of getting in the shade Winters woke up.As he woke up he noticed this unknown man by his bedside.To his left was Aurther in some old 18th century chair holding a weird metal contraption that seemed to be generating drinkable water.

You saved my life Thank you but who are you sir?
The man soon removed the hood.Fortanitly for winters he knew his man all too well or rather knew of him.With his jet black hair,pale face and gold eyes he knew exactly who this was. Oh-m-my gosh y-your commander data.

That I am.So my captain tells me you are search in 2 people.

Yes that's correct.

If my memory gets me its liutentet collier and Ensign Wyatt.

Correct again.

Do you know where they are?

I do not know of collier's location but I do know of wyatts.Picard sent me here to find you and help you get them back.

This will be a great cameo the cameraman joked.Yea just wait and see if picard shows up.

Well where's wyatt?
Hes been assimilated commander a man with a British voice said coming out of a glowing blue wall.

Captain Jean-luc Picard the bald man said.
P-Picard W-What are you going doing Winters said starstruck.

I'm afraid the only way to get wyatt back in time is for you to join us on our journey to the CHIMERA.

that's where theve got him.
How we going to get in.
Oh I've got someone to help.

Ever hear of 7 of 9?


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