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Test Time Aftermath

Posted on Wed Nov 15th, 2023 @ 3:09pm by Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: The Q Effect
Location: Romulan Space
Timeline: Current

{Aboard the Bird of Prey}

Kevin jumped out of the bunk and immediately tapped the comm badge on his chest. Which wasn’t there as he was back in a Klingon uniform. He approached the room’s computer console. He needed to know the current stardate. Activating the console it was all in Klingon, of course, but his mastery of the language was not sufficient to discern the information he wanted.

“You are back in your own time,” a familiar female voice announced.

Kevin turned to find the Q in one of the upper bunks with only a sheet draped over her. An exposed leg and hip left him in little doubt that she was naked under the sheet and he quickly adverted his eyes.

“Such modesty in one who is so decisive,” she purred, “It would be such fun to try to break you of that peculiarity.”

There was a flash and the Q was standing before Kevin, fully clothed in her Star Fleet Captain’s attire.

Gathering his thoughts and suppressing warring emotions, Kevin asked, “Are the Fawuine safe?”

“They were,” she confirmed, “and you should be happy. You passed the tests with flying colors. I was a little doubtful but your willingness to sacrifice yourself for someone that you had just met is laudable if somewhat stupid.”

Kevin blushed at the assessment.

“Why?” he asked.

Q smiled, “I told you that you wouldn’t get that out of me. But I will let you know that the information I gathered will be of great use should we need you in the future." And in a flash the female Q was gone.

He considered the ominous implications of her last statement for a moment before thoughts of Faline and her family intruded. He needed to know if they were still alive and if there was a chance to rescue them. The transponder that he had set up…three days ago…should be transmitting. All they had to do was isolate and home in on the frequency.

Kevin started for the bridge.

Kevin Lance
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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