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To boldly go where few men have gone before

Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 6:24pm by Lieutenant John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current/3 days ago

Commander admiral David wants to speak with you.The hell he want collier.Winters expressed very angrily.

I dunno something about Ensign wyatt.
Wyatt was a ensign i intelligence and up until 3 days ago he was on this ship.

Okay I'll take it in my office.
Uhm sir he actually wants to meet you in person.
So head to the transporter and you will be beamed down.

Ah thank you.

******Hello commander.
At ease adrimal.
So I heard you lost a crew member john wyatt right? Yes he just faded before my eyes.Yeah that's party why I brought you here.I think I know what happened.A few years ago the klingons discovered a rift in time they inevitably used it to transport people from the 21st century into Picard's ship.

One of them happened to be picards ancestor which erased him time.A recent report shows it may have opened again.

Wait a sec Admiral do you have access to files from the span of 300 years? I do why?
Can you pull up Hannah Wyott born 2004 died 2096. Yep I'm on it. Thanks. I think you might actually be getting at something.Says here Hannah Wyott is john wyatt's 10x grandmother.

Just then a voice came on the intercom.Hello winter's we have wyatt.We plan to put a end to his so called visions.The klingons will not surrender to you regardless of what you try.

Shit I'm sorry adrimal but I've got to go early I've got a date with time.

Haha I completely understand you know if you want I do have a single klingon cruiser that may play to you're benefit. If you decide to use it it is on the bottom floor.

Thank you admiral so biggie commander I only ask one thing.Yes? Come back after you've done we have more to discuss.Yes sir.Call me james.

Long story short winters went back 3 days ago to the moment wyatt faded.He discovered that hannah Wyott was the mysterious little girl on the ship.So he took her home which in turn brought back wyatt.Winters however may have gone a little to time travel crazy though because he made a pitstop in 2120 and got a picture with Johnathan archer.

*****You've done well commander and now it is my privilege to tell you that you're mission has been completed and to introduce to you the Federation president.

Hello Commander how are you?
I-I-Im Good W-Why the V-Vist.
Ah your shy around celebrities I respect that.Anyway I want to change your ship assignment.youve been with that crew for 4 years now right? Something like that. Well if you choose we just put together a new crew for a brand new A class ship just completed last month.The U.S.S Samuri SS-208-A.You would be captain of that ship and its crew.Do you accept if not we will give you 24 hours to decide if still no then its okay to.
I-I need time to think about it.
Of course take your time then let us know what you decide.


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