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Could it be

Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001/The unknown planet
Timeline: Current

I think I have a idea dunno if it'll work though.Commander Winters said.What is it commander? The man next to him asked Is it possible to tap into wyatts mind? Who's Wyatt? NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR GAMES BORG SERIOUSLY winters replied.I'm not playing games who is Wyatt? Seriously I have no freaking idea who he is.Borg replied.

How is this possible? how does Borg not member Wyatt? Winters thought.while walking some more.

He had decided to reach the captain but his attempt failed drastically. After a hour or so he eventually found a civilation.Only something was odd about it.It was not your traditional village.It was as if the buildings were....old spaceships?.Now that can't be right who would build a village from spaceships? Winters thought
But as he arrived in the village his suspions proved true.

There were 9 or 10 busted spaceships 2 of them were old enterprises but the one in the middle was the most noticeable.No freaking way the hell they'd get this.The ship was kirks very first enterprise the same one first helmed by Christopher pike.
Out of the enterprise was a giant 500 foot stone statue of James T Kirk.
As winters was fanboying the decor of the inside a local noticed him.
Who are you and what do you want?
My name is commander Arthur winters of the u.s.s chuck Norris ncc 4001 he replied. So you're telling me your Star Fleet? Yes I am. We were under the impression that star fleet was gone.Yes we know ensign Wyatt told us.Who? Not you too.What do you know rae wyatt? Never heard of her.

okay well anyway tell me about the kirk statue and grow you got this vessel.
Kirk saved our village from the Klingons who attempted to take over it.The Klingons kept a file on our village because of this planets rich dilithium deposit.Was the file called Harlon? Yes it was how did you know that? We've uncovered them. Oh okay the file contained our villages data base and belonged to the fedartion.That explains a lot that's why nobodys been here since kirk.The Klingons must have removed your file front the federation database.
That would explain a lot actually.
Well we will put you back in the system I only have one thing to ask? Yes?

Do you have communication equipment capable of reaching my crew.My communincator odly doesn't work here.Yes we do and this planet has a very strong magnetic field which is why we mostly use 21st or 22nd century tech here.

Soon winters was in a room with a panel and a bunch of buttons along the walls.Okay here and here then here and lastly here.Winters said pushing buttons.

Hello a man said who is this? Commander Arthur winters is this Captain Vonmormick? Yes thank god you are okay commander we've tried reaching you for days.24th century technology does t work here.Kirk was here a lot longer then 2 weeks though I have also found his original enterprise.
Hows Wyatt? Funny thing he disappeared right before my eyes and now no crew member members him but apparently you somehow do.Thus is odd very odd.Last time something like this happened was when Picard was erased from time.Could this be the same thing?



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