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Darn Straight Something's Wrong

Posted on Wed May 6th, 2020 @ 10:11pm by Captain Grover vonMcCormick

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: Current


{USS Chuck Norris, Transporter Room}

Winters finished putting on his landing party gear under the eye of the many cameras. There was a twinkle in his eye. "Captain Spice, you're not coming down to the planet?"

"Well, I uh..."

"How can you do the show without seeing first hand where Mr. Collier went and what happened to him?"

"I'm not sure that the release forms, and you know, the liability, and um."

"Nonsense, Captain. We can make it work. It's not a problem at all." Winters tapped his comm badge. =/\=Bring three more landing party packs. For Captain Spice and two of his cameramen.=/\=


Captain Grover vonMcCormick
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris NCC-4005


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