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Something's Wrong

Posted on Tue May 5th, 2020 @ 8:31pm by Ensign John Wyatt

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001(Medbay)
Timeline: Current

We need to go down there commander Auther said
We can't the only lead we have is Ensign Wyatt and no one knows what happened to him.After he collapsed at the transporter.The doctors say he's in a form of coma but no one really knows
Commander permision to speak freely? Permission granted. Going down there sending at least 3 people may be what Wyatt needs right now as somehow he is connected to this planet.

Thats a fair point Aurther.I didn't think of it like that.Okay I need you Borg and ramsey to head down and find out what you can" Will do captain but what about the natives? Far as we know they will allow communications. I will stay with wyatt just in case something happens. If I can leave I will join you otherwise follow my orders.Yes sir

The hell is the deal and who the heck is she I didn't authorize a unknown transport Dr.We dont know what's wrong with him.Is he dead? No and thats was confusing its been a month since his collapse if you didn't know what happened he would appear perfectly healthy so we don't know what's wrong"

I do or at least I think I do.The girl in the room spoke up. You do how? Winters asked.You know we haven't been introduced yet have we? My bad I rarely make a good first impression,Anyway Brooklyn Wyatt at your service. Wait Wyatt does that mean your-Johns younger sister yes also the only other starfleet academy graduate in the family. She said boastfully. If youre his sister can you tell us what's going on here.Winters said waving his hand over wyatts somewhat lifeless body.

Of course.See my brother is high functioning autistic I'm sure you know that though. Yes we do he has one of the few cases of it in the 24th century with really baffles everyone because we thought it was eliminated at the end of the 21st century.Anyway please continue. Winters said.

Well john and I were really close we did everything together he was a very kind person. After our mother supposedly died though he changed. The doctors deemed him a fall risk because he would constantly collapse.The reason was never revealed until one day I took him to a Vulcan Dr I think a relative of spock actually.She revealed that he has been receiving visions from phantom captains.Mother was really good friends with a Talosian so this does make sense.Mothers death didn't sit right with me though.I think this is why.
I got into medicine to try and find out why my brother was having these visions

So your saying Wyatt is having a vision? Winters asked.Yes I think his autism is fueling them in a good way allowing for him to communicate with the dead essentially.

Thanks for that Brooklyn.Winters said.Of course the fedartion informed me he was in trouble and I was transported here by the Dr.

So thats how she got here
Winters thought.

Just then life started to return to wyatt as he woke up he sat up and yelled Star Trek Lives is a trap set by the Borg's we must not continue with it.Also there is a mole on this ship.

That means.......................

Off (What happens next )


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