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Fallen officer

Posted on Wed Sep 28th, 2022 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OCC:Hey everyone bear with me on this. This is my first post as temporary XO. Hopefully this will get us on track. Thanks for understanding.

On:Wyatt had just left the captain's office. He was ready to assume his duties all over again. He had recently heard that he had finally had someone in intelligence join him. He figured hed better introduce himself.

That was until he was called down to the transporter by winters. John made his way down their he knew that something was off. Not because being summoned to the transporter was off but because he knew winters. He knew when he was in trouble. This time something seemed out of his control tho.

Wyatt was greeted by winters. And some admiral wyatt recognized. But why? Of course it was Admiral Devon. Marcus's son. Something was off with him wyatt could feel it.

"Arthur Winters you are under arrest for the murder of Admiral Marcus" he said. As he placed him in cuffs and begin to transport him into Starfleet custody.

Wyatt was furious not that Marcus had passed he knew about that but winters killing her? That wasn't right. There was a conspiracy going on.

"Let him go, he didn't do anything". Wyatt screamed about to attack the admiral. "Stand down lieutenant or you will join your captain." He said. "John it'll be ok. You've got this he said as he beamed away.

What was wyatt gonna do? He was now In charge of everything?


Lieutenant commissioner John Wyatt
Chief intelligence officer


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