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Something on the Sensors

Posted on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 8:00pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: And back in the present!

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Captain's Ready Room)

"I may have lived around humans for some time now, but it still amazes me that you can live with such irrational lore." Commander G'ginloss commented right before taking a sip of his drink.

"We are humans, and we are irrational at our core. We may have advanced well beyond the belief of folklore or the supernatural. However it's engrained into the back of our minds. Even as we advance and grow as a species and culture, it's evident that it's never going away." Captain Winters smiled back as he then took a sip of his hot chocolate. "Although, on a personal note, and not speaking for everyone, I think that's a little rich coming from the people who believe in Sto'Vo'Kor." Aurther gave off a small smile.

"Well there is a difference." G'ginloss responded back, allowing a slight pause for Winters to give a side eye glance to answer. "We know Sto'Vo'Kor is real, your race is just guessing at the afterlife." There was another slight pause as both men looked at each other. Within a few seconds the two poker faces they were giving to each other broke, and they began to laugh.

"So, what's the real story here?" The Klingon pressed as he finished his drink, almost slamming the glass down on the table, in a slight symbolic gesture of wanting to get to the point. Aurther cocked and eyebrow at him, and then took the empty glass and returned it to the replicator behind him.

"The real story is that this sector has been known to have some of the heaviest combat that the Federation, the Romulans and Federation has seen over the last 100 years. Through many of the battles and skirmishes, there have been some reports of ships on all sides just disappearing, vanishing, or just kind of falling right through some kind of black hole or worm hole." Aurther took another deep sip of his drink to help keep his throat lubricated. "And in all that time, many of speculated and theorized what happened to the missing ships. Most attributed it to just ships that were attack and destroyed and by the time anyone was looking for them, all traces were gone."

"That seems rational and normal."

"Indeed, however as previously stated, humans being humans also started to have wild theories about micro black holes, worm holes, alien races, natural phenomenon and everything in between to explain some of the disappearances. There is some writing that you can find on it, but it's down holes I don't often like to search it out."

"This almost sounds like... like... oh what was it." G'ginloss snapped his fingers a few times as he attempted to recall the fact that was on the tip of his tongue. "Was it the Bermuda Square? Down on Earth?"

Aurther smiled and gave out a small chuckle. "Triangle, but I am thoroughly impressed that you, Eh, know about that, and B, were able to recall it so quickly."

"I like a good mystery." G'ginloss smiled.

"So do I. I spent a little time looking into the whole Bermuda triangle myth, and I can tell what I was able to find out."

G'ginloss raised an eyebrow to the statement. "Oh really? Care to enlighten me on the goings on of your old planet?"

"Well, the short is... nothing."

"Nothing?" G'ginloss's voice had a tinge of disappointment.

"Yes, there were many stories out there. About ships, planes and people who disappeared and it lead to a giant mystery. Some claimed aliens, some claimed the supernatural. There were even people out there who tried to explain it with nature, but in a supernatural way. But in the end, if you were able to read up on the records of everything that happened in that particular finite amount of space, and compare it to the rest of the world, you would find nothing unusual."

"But? But if there was nothing special or unusual going on, why the stories?" G'ginloss was almost at a loss for his limited understanding of the area.

"Like I said, just human nature. Some stories eventually made it out, and were heavily publicized, which in the end just brought more attention and speculation on everything. It, in the end was just a repeating cycle that continued to feed itself." Aurther turned around and made his First Officer a new drink, then handed it back to the man. "The worse part, on what our society was at the time, was even after this was discovered and made rational, there were still people out there who still chose never to believe it."

G'ginloss was already half done his drink when he spoke back up. "Even with all the scientific and physical evidence, there were still members of your species that would choose to ignore it. I don't want to quote the Vulcans, but that doesn't seem logical."

"I know, I just wanted to make sure you understand that is still ingrained in the back of the brains. Because of this, well, we continue to be searching for the unknown. We still love to search for all of life's mysteries."

"To the mystery." The two men raised their glasses to each other before they finished their drinks. There was a nice silence before the Captain's Comm panel went off.

=/\= Commander Wyatt to Captain Winters, please report to the bridge. =/\=

"Acknowledged." Winters replied and within seconds the duo was out of their seats and back on the bridge. Commander Wyatt was sitting in the Command chair as the two men approached him. "What is it John?"

"Sensors are picking up something, 331 mark 12. It's small and hard to pinpoint down exactly." Wyatt briefed the two senior officers.

"Hmm... interesting. Drop us out of warp Lieutenant, and plot and intercept course."

"Aye sir." G'odoss replied.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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