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A chance meeting

Posted on Tue Jan 4th, 2022 @ 6:40am by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant JG Lyra Blake

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: Sick bay
Timeline: Current

A new mission, after a short rest at the Starbase. It hasn't been long since the left yet he hasn't had a chance to debrief with Captain Winters since his return. He was busy with a little R&R and meeting with the Starbase leadership. Hopefully it won't be long long before he is able to sit down with him to gain further understanding as to how he handled the situation. So far the federation has not had an issue with how he handled the mission, but he wanted to insight from Winters. It would help put his mind at ease. Had this been a Klingon ship, little would have changed with how he would have reacted, however that has little to do with the situation.

Appearing to be about 16 hours out from the destination, an order to attend his physical, and a round down in engineering needed his attention. If he went for the physical he would be late for his shift, however if he skipped the physical he would run out of time before the true start of the mission. Orders are orders, he would have to be late for his shift. Finishing with his uniform, he left his quarters, and headed out.

He was about to turn the corner as he was lost in thought. The federation is understanding our anatomy more as several Klingons serve in their ranks, should we ever become enemies again, will they ever use this knowledge against us. However having several Klingons in high ranking positions and our innate knowledge about the federation, I suppose it would be in both factions best interest to keep working together. This however brings up an important question, should quarrels occur, where would my true loyalties be placed? This will have to be examined closely for I hope this never comes to fruition.

It was at that moment Captain Winters and himself turned the corner to enter sickbay. Both lost in their own thoughts they ran into each other just as coincidence occurred. The doors to sickbay opened as Doctor Blake was going to hunt down one of the very people in front of her door.

"Well this is a chance in a million, both of you coming to my door at the same time, no less. Please, come in." Lyra said to them both. She waved her long auburn hair out of her eyes and started prepping for the relatively quick physicals.

A glance between the two officers, a moment of friendship sparked through the two. However as duty calls, a mission to be ready for caused that to be short lived.

Aurther thought for a moment that he should motion for G'ginloss to enter first. However he soon realized that he always needs to lead by example. As such, he entered sickbay first. A quick glance around and he noted that except for the three of them, the room was empty. Winters chose the closest bio-bed and made a quick hop onto it. These exams were never painful in any physical way, but there was always the psychological ways that once could become uncomfortable with the questions coming from the doctor. By the time that Aurther had gotten himself all ready and prepped, Commander G'ginloss has also made himself comfortable on the bed beside him.

"Death's triangle eh?" Aurther said to the Klingon.

"Apparently, I did skim over the mission review. I was going to get into the weeds of it once we had reached the patrol sector. I have just been getting engineering all set and prepped. Once can never be too prepared on the border of Federation space." G'ginloss replied.

"True, but with peace negotiations happening with the Romulans, and the Klingons agreeing to this as well, this might turn to the tide into peaceful cohabitations between the largest cultures in the quadrant. A new era of peace just might be within our grasp. After all we lost in the dominion war, it would be nice to get back to what we were doing best." Aurther smiled thinking of an earlier time in his career.

"Which was?" G'ginloss asked taking the bait, but knowing the answer.

"Exploring." Aurther said letting out a slight sigh.

"Those will be interesting days indeed. Perhaps ships like the Chuck Norris, the Thunderchild and the Sunfire may become obsolete." G'ginloss almost had a slight tone of disappointment in his voice. Hinting that if there was such an era was to begin, the Klingons in Starfleet might start to become stir crazy.

"I don't think so. It's been over 15 years since the battle of Wolf 359, and 10 years since the battle of sector 001, less than that for the Dominion war. These ships will never head back to mothballs. Even if we are at peace, you know there is always something else lurking in the darkness." Aurther's reply was both a punctuation on how Starfleet had progressed over the last 20 years, to where they stood now, far more militaristic." The silence was almost deafening as the room went quiet. Aurther slapped his hands together, causing a loud startling sound. "So let's getting this underway." He rubbed his hands, wanting to get the medical exam underway.

"So, not only am I glad you're alive, I'd also like some input as to your thoughts of how the last mission went down. I'm wondering most, if there was anything I could have done better. Any advice Captain?

"I would say that you did the best you could in that situation. It's not every day the commanding officer of a Starship is captured by a bounty hunter and then brought before a vengeance seeking Klingon that just happened to have a suicide bomb placed in his arm incase of capture. There are a lot of training programs out there but I don't think Starfleet would ever think that one out. No notes really." Aurther looked over at his First Officer and could tell from the expression in his face that the answer he just got was not really what he was looking for. "Look Ech'am, I know you don't have the same amount of Command experience that a normal Executive Officer might have, but I saw something in you, a fire and passion in your eyes. I still see it now. This is going to be a lot of on the job training, but you will only improve and have less self doubt the more you perform." Their conversation came to a quick end as Doctor Lyra now made herself known that she was waiting on the two to finish their life chat.

Lyra had asked both officers separately if they minded the other hearing the intimate questions she would need to ask. Winters and G’ginloss had both waived their right to confidentiality, fully trusting the other with whatever answers they would give to the woman.

“Excellent,” Blake smiled, brushing her hair away from her eyes once again. She reached for two blood extractors and addressed both men as one, “I need three samples of blood from you both. Two need to be blood from a vein, the other needs to be arterial blood. Do I have your permission to extract your blood for the purposes of these samples?”

The men glanced at each other before looking back towards the doctor. “Permission granted.” They both answered in unison.

Lyra stepped forward and placed the extractor on the left side of Winters’ neck. Within seconds the three vials were full. She then moved to the Klingon officer and repeated the procedure on him.

“Fantastic.” She smiled, placing the six vials into the blood analyzer. “While we wait for those results, I need you both to give me a basic medical history. For example, do you have any long-term illnesses? Have you had surgery recently? Any ailments I need to be aware of? That kind of thing. As reliable as your previous CMOs may have been, their record keeping is questionable. I just need to make sure that what you tell me is up to date on your medical files.”

"Well..." Aurther spoke up first, "Well it should be on the last report there for myself that I was caught up in a mild explosion in this same room. There wasn't significant injuries, physically I mean. There is always a little bit emotional when someone tries to kill you. On a very personal level. Other then that, perhaps a migraine every now and then. No broken bones or major surgery on my side."

The first scar, and biggest I have is this one on my side. It came from a Targ. When I was a young klingon taming my first pet. Later when I was in the academy I gained this one on my left arm from a fight with a few classmates that didn't think I could fight. I also have this one on my chest from the last year of academy when we traveled to Kronos on a trip where we fought in a death circle against some wild creature native to my homeland. Many of us survived but a few who wondered apart from us did not make it back. Lastly I recieved this scar from one of our crewmates during the adulthood ceremony a bit ago that has healed nicely. Though you should see a few of his scars I gave him back. Other then that I am in good health.

"Impressive how well some of these have healed without impacting your mobility. Well gentlemen, unless there is anything further the two of you are cleared for duty. If anything happens or changes with either of me be sure to let me know. If not, you both are released back to duty."

The two officers stand up from the biobed, button up their uniform and nod to the CMO while heading out to prepare for some bridge duty.

Cpt Arthur Williams
Commanding officer
USS Chuck Norris


Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
Xo/Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


Lt Jg Lyra Blake
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris


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