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Something on the sensor

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2022 @ 2:21am by Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Death's Triangle
Location: Lt's room
Timeline: Current

Now that I'm back on the Chuck Norris, I have been itching for a fight. As Kronnelti got up from his lounge chair he left his quarters to walk the hallways wondering what he has missed from his time away.

upon his venture through the halls he makes his way to the bridge, he runs into both Commander G'ginloss & Captain Winters.

Kronnelti nods to both the Commander & Captain, "It's good to be back sir's."

G'ginloss: "Growth knowledge for you brother, the word authentic humans say is, Gentlemen. It sounds better, and more sophisticated. However enough with formalities for the moment." The two Klingons embrace for a moment while doing a sophisticated handshake that Winters has little trouble following due to his experience with these two.

"Have you been caught up on our current mission we are on route to at this moment?"

"Negative sir." says Kronnelti, "I have not had the chance yet, but while I am here could you brief me on this current mission?"

"Starfleet had sent us to an area in the neutral space between the three Powers of this quadrant. The Romulans, Klingon's, and Federation. It seems this area has many reports of ships from all factions disappearing with little to no trace. Recently a few logs from a federation ship were received. Copies of those logs or in this pad. Review them quickly."

"Considering the admirals do not know entirely what is going on, they sent us. To investigate, report back, and survive against what may be a mission many others would not come back from. Given our record so far, they felt we would not only find out what happens here, we would be able to report back where others have failed."

"Speaking of that, Jones, set out a relay buoy now." Cpt Winters calls out

"Aye sir, relay buoy launched sir."

"Set it to report to Starfleet our current course, speed, and time to destination, as well as a relay link to use if boosts are needed."

"Helm, time to destination?" Commander G'ginloss asked

"30 seconds sir, there's something out there."

"On screen, drop us out of warp, yellow alert" Winters calls out as he takes his seat.

Kronnelti grabs the pad from Commander G'ginloss and goes over the logs or as the humans call it speed reading. Once done all he can say to himself is "Holy shit what's going on out here." Kronnelti lowers the pad and looks at the commander and just says, "What the f..."

Just as Winter's calls out for yellow alert Kronnelti drops to his knees as if something touched him more specifically his head, something showing him why ships are going missing. As Kronnelti is on his knees he coughs as he's gasping for air!!

Upon seeing this Ech'am moves over and pulls Kronnelti back to his feet. "What happened brother? "

"I don't know it happened too fast. I had visions of ships disappearing...." Kronnelti remembers something he had read, or maybe heard about early earth civilian years. Then Kronnelti seems like a light bulb went off and he makes and inquiry, "Computer, what is the Bermuda triangle?"

(Computer) "The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils triangle is said to have ships and aircraft disappeared under mysterious circumstances."

"Ech'am, Captain Winters this is what I just saw!!" Kronnelti called out in excitement.

"We are reaching the area of the unusual reading." G'ginloss noted to get the attention of Winters. The Captain spun back around in the Command chair to face the front of the bridge.

"1/2 impulse, on screen." He ordered as he crossed his legs. "What's out there?"

"Nothing conclusive on the passive sensors sir. I am beginning a level 2 scan of the area." Angier replied back.

"Lieutenant, it is interesting that you would bring up the Bermuda triangle, as the Commander and I were just discussing it. However we were also talking about how it was found to be more of a lore than anything else." Winters attempted to reason with young Klingon.

"I know what I saw!" Kronnelti protested, "I don't know how, or why, but I have a feeling this is connected in some way."

While Winters mulled over the statement from his Chief of Security, his science officer alerted him that he had found something.

"Show it to me." Aurther uncrossed his legs and leaned forward into his seat as he looked at the blackness of space. In the corner of the screen he saw something. He was about to bring it to the attention of Angier, but the man had already highlighted it.
"Magnify." Winters now focused more than ever could see that it was a nacelle. This type of nacelle was used on older ships, such as the Constitution, Constellation or Miranda class. The nacelle continued to float and rotate through space before a name was able to be seen and magnified on. U.S.S. Trailblazer.

As Winters had the screen magnified, Kronnelti speechless walks up almost in a trans like state just walking up to the screen.

As Kronnelti walks up to the screen he asks Capt Winters how close an we get to the Nacelle? and if it's possible to tow it out to get a better observation on it?

Looking back at G'ginloss he gives that klingon stare.

Ech'am looks back at his brother and returns the nod.

Moments later he breaks out in a song about the death of brave souls dying while conducting their duties.

Aurther Williams
Commanding officer

Ech'am G'ginloss
Xo/ Chief Engineer

Awal Kronnelti
Chief Security/Tactical

USS Chuck Norris


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