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A Family's Honor

Posted on Fri Aug 20th, 2021 @ 6:19pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Sickbay)

With a loud groan that almost echoed the small room. Ensign Hauser had already noted that the man had been waking up. The sounds of someone waking up and finding their bearing was then replaced with the struggle to break themselves free. Dr. Hauser exited the small office he had and arrived at the bio bed the same time that Captain Winters arrived.

"Let me out of here! You will regret any decision that is not my immediate release.!" The man barked out. While again, he looked human, in his rage you could hear and see the true Klingon that was underneath.

"You are not in an position to be demanding anything, Grand Marshall Sobko..." Winters made sure to exaggerate his name slightly. "However I am going to assume that is not your real name. It's an alias."

Sobko, looked around and gathered his surroundings. "This is it, this is the place." He reveled as his eyes focused back onto the Starfleet Captain. "And you... you were the last thing they saw."

Aurther's eyes narrowed as he leaned in on the man, "You said that, but I don't know what you are talking about."

"Should I enlighten you Captain?" Sobko almost had a grin to his face.

"Enlighten, elaborate, I don't really care to which adjective you use, but I am not going to be playing some sort of guessing game." the man rebuked.

"It was almost 10 years ago, the date, it still escapes me to this day. The grief was too much, too much for one man to handle." Sobko leaned his head back and laid on the bed now, looking both relaxed, but full of emotional pain. "You were the Executive Officer of this ship. Under the Command of Captain Shane Youngblood. Tasked with patrolling the Gregor Erridan Star System. You came across a ship. It was a Klingon ship..." He smiled as his eyes opened to meet with Aurther's, "I assume by this point you know what I am."

"Yes, what you are. Still a little fuzzy on the who." Winters replied. The rest of the room continued to be silent as the story of the Captain's previous time on the Chuck Norris had always been one of mystery. However Winter's response seemed to irritate the man.

"You, you can't even remember. I've given you the time frame it does nothing for you! You dishonor me, and my sons with your arrogance, with...with you insolence." The man struggled to get out of restraints again, and was met with the same outcome. After a few more seconds he relaxed.

"You are taking this far to personal. You are asking me to remember things for over a decade ago. It's not that I am being willfully ignorant, it's been a long time." Aurther stood back up, "And while this, revenge has clearly consumed your life, I still..."

"You P'takh!" Sobko interrupted! "The Chuck Norris, it responded to a distress call. You arrived to find two Klingon ships engaged in battle. From the houses of K'hitmor and Bellack. You sided with the Bellack in the battle! You showed no honor as a Federation officer!"

Aurther stepped back from the man and walked a few steps around the sickbay. While he did not make any eye contact with anyone, he could feel all eyes on him. Finally with the small details falling into place, his memory jogged enough that little pieces of information came back into the foreground. His eyes closed as voices rang through his head.

"...Commander Aurther Winters of the Federation Starship Chuck Norris, stand down your weapons..."

"...We're being targeted!"

"... Divert emergency power to the shields... Ensign... set course..."

"HULL BREACH! Deck 3, sections 12 - 15... we're venting atmosphere!"

"Casualties reported decks..."

"What are your orders!"

"SIR! What are your orders!"

Aurther spun back around as his eyes opened back up to meet Sobko. As the two locked eyes and shot daggers back at each other, one last memory came and went, it was his own voice ringing through his head.

"Target their Warp core, and fire!"

There was a feeling of tension, that was only cut when Sobko seemed to have a half smile on his face, and small look of satisfaction. "You do remember now, don't you... Captain?"

"I remember enough. And I think your version is a little skewed in my opinion." Aurther now headed back over to the man.

"I know enough not to believe one's, "opinion"" Sobko looked away, clearly the Klingon was now having a true flow of emotions.

"Well then let me assert the facts then. We arrived on scene, we tried to broker a peace between the two ships. The one ship was heavily damaged, and from what I could tell, your sons were going to be the winners of this conflict. However, it was happening in Federation Space, which means, allies or not, they had to abide by Federation law. I had brokered a cease-fire, and while we giving aid. Your sons..." Aurther seemed to choke up as his voice cracked ever so softly. "With our shields down, your sons targeted our ship. Target our sickbay, which they knew had wounded in it. In on solid volley, with out shields down, they ended 17 lives. 12 Klingons, and 5 Starfleet Officers." Sobko's head turned back to the Captain.

"Lies! My sons would show no dishonor!" Sobko screamed.

"Unprovoked, and murder in my eyes, I had no choice, I defended the ship, and her crew. I saved as many lives as I could that day. The only way to do that, was by taking your sons." There was a pause, as Winters words sounded heavy. He stood up, and took a deep breath, "And I would do it all over again if repeated."

"AHHHHH!!!" Sobko screamed in rage as he thrashed about the bed. His body flailed so hard that he appeared to break his arm. The Klingon turned human screamed again, but seemed to almost be laughing. "My honor is restored today!"

"Captain!" Commander's Wyatt's voice echoed through the ears as Aurther looked up and saw him diving to tackle him. The two men collided and went down into a thud as he rolled the two under a bed. Before anyone could tell what was going on, an explosion rocked the sickbay as Sobko exploded.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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