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*Finale Onassis Discovery*

Posted on Wed Aug 25th, 2021 @ 7:20pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Captain's Ready Room)

"Captain's Log Stardate 60642.5. The Chuck Norris is now back on route to Starbase 10. It has been currently seeming that we can never get to far away from our base of operations before we are forced to return back. Usually for some repair, or re-staffing. It is with a heavier heart than normal that our current course is both of these." Aurther stood up from his desk and slowly walked over to the small porthole that was his window to the outside. As he watched the starts flash by at the distance, he let out a slight sigh, recording back to his somber tone. "Grand Marshall Sobko, or whoever he really was, chose to commit suicide, in an attempt kill me, and evade any sort of capture or being held accountable for his actions. Commander Wyatt was able to pull me away from the explosion, just in time. These kind of explosive devices have been seen in some Klingons before, it was quick thinking on his part to recognize the danger. Wyatt was caught at the tail end of the explosion, and suffered medium injuries, however he has been stabilized and should make a full recovery. That is only only good news out of the situation. Our newest Doctor, Ensign Hauser, who was scheduled to take over as our new CMO for Doctor McCloud, as well as the good doctor were both killed in the explosion. Commander Pibb, was also injured in the explosion, and succumb to his injuries as both of our doctors were killed at the same time. It was only to the quick actions of our combat medic, Ensign Torrel that Commander Wyatt was saved. Triage, is a terrible thing to see, especially in front of your own eyes. The whole situation and current circumstances have changed the Chuck Norris's mission overall. As a result Lt. Collier and Lt. Brooke will both be reassigned to different duties. Like all of the crew, both absent and lost, they will be remembered fondly. Pause recording." Winters went over to replicator, and pressed a few keys. A large glass of hot chocolate and a small bowl of jelly beans appeared. Normally Aurther would not given into both of his temptations at the same time, but stress was starting to buck him more each day. A never ending string of battles, fights and skirmishes would not be unusual for a ship like the Chuck Norris, but not in peacetime. "Resume recording, The Chuck Norris herself, has seen worse. Some internal damage to the primary computer core from whatever hit and disabled the ship. My crew was able to repair most of the damage, but it needs a little touch from the engineering staff at a Starbase to bring the ship back up to normal operations. Sickbay, on the other hand, is a complete write off. Damaged beyond what we could repair, another reason we are making an unscheduled stop at Starbase 10. The crew is still working at the level I expect them too, keeping me filled with pride."

The chine to his ready room off. He acknowledged the call, Lt. G'odoss entered the room, he look a little nervous as he entered. There was a different tone in the ship ever since the bombing, and Winters himself looked like a changed man. One too many brushes with death would probably do that to a person. Winters picked up a PADD and looked down at it. After skimming it he placed it back down.

"Lt. G'odoss, I am not satisfied with your work."

"Sir?" He questioned.

"As my helmsmen, you have doing an adequate job. However, as my second officer, you have not been meeting my expectations for such a position." The forceful tone was enough to focus reality back to anyone.

"Sir." He snapped to attention.

"I like you, as a friend, but at the end of the day my duty must be to the ship and her crew. I know you know that. I ask that you do not take this personal. But for this reason, I will have to consider another candidate for the position."

"My honor will stay intact, yet one might say that my pride is a little wounded."

"I understand Lieutenant, I am not ruling out that the possibility of coming back to this role is gone, but for the time being, I need you where you are."

"Yes sir." G'odoss replied, as he did his best to keep his emotions in check. Mostly of the disappointment and anger he felt in himself for letting his Commanding Officer down in the manner that he had.

"Dismissed." Aurther nodded slightly as his helmsman left. As the doors closed, Winters fell slightly back into his chair with a small thud. It was hard to make decisions like that, and he knew that it could effect the overall performance of some, but only in the short run. For now he went looking through his PADDs. There had been a feeling, maybe it was just his own thoughts, but life on the Chuck Norris was getting a little too militaristic for his own liking. For now, he was just going to let the reports, evaluations and crew roster take up his time, and help his mind not to focus too much on the current deeper thoughts rolling around his head.


Mission Ended! Assume we arrive at Starbase 10, please do whatever you'd like until the start of the new mission:)

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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