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A Vulcan Surprise

Posted on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 @ 9:14am by Ensign Daniel Hauser

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current


{USS Chuck Norris, Sickbay}

Sobko continued to rouse slowly, something Doctor Hauser had counted on as he had calculated the dose of Methylphenidate to give. Suddenly the bleeping of his personal console in the CMO’s office called out. “Excuse me for one moment gentlemen. I’ll be right back.” He addressed his fellow crewmen.

Walking into the small office, he closed the door behind him and activated the console. The image of Admiral T’Lara appeared on the screen. To say that he was surprised to see the Vulcan flag officer would be an understatement. “Doctor Hauser, how are you?”

Daniel had a professional history with Admiral T’Lara. He had worked as her personal assistant physician during his initial few months out of the academy. The two had engaged in a number of philosophical and moral debates lasting hours, sometimes days. If Daniel didn’t know any better, he was convinced that she had taken him under her wing during his time working for her.

“I’m well, Admiral. Thank you for asking.” He finally answered. “It’s really good to see you again.”

The Vulcan bowed her head slightly, “I agree. But I am contacting you on a matter of official Starfleet business.” The woman paused for a breath before continuing, “Effective immediately you are being promoted to Lieutenant and will transfer under my direct supervision as my personal physician. Doctor Unlordo retired last week and I could not think of another doctor that I would prefer to work with.”

Before Daniel could react the Admiral continued, “The USS Coolidge will be at your position in approximately six hours. You, and the criminal known as Grand Marshall Sobko will depart the Chuck Norris at that time. I will be sending your Captain a separate encoded communique with the finer details.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Daniel stood in place, shocked. “To be honest, I was just getting settled on the Chuck Norris. I was making friends. I was enjoying myself. I was getting involved.”

T’Lara nodded, “I understand. Sometimes outside events have a bearing on our work and the good that we do as Starfleet officers. Sometimes these events hold no logic what-so-ever, but the decisions we make based on them need to be true and pure.”

“You always had a way of putting things, Admiral.” Daniel half-smiled. “I will be ready to be picked up. Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me.”

The Vulcan nodded once again, “I will see you in a couple of days, Doctor. Until then; live long and prosper.” The image of the woman on the screen was quickly replaced with the Starfleet emblem as the communication was ceased between them.

Daniel looked out through the office window back into sickbay and saw that Sobko was awake.


Ensign (Doctor) Daniel Hauser
Asst. Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris, NCC-4005


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