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Pride and Honor

Posted on Sun Jun 6th, 2021 @ 5:37pm by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti & Lieutenant JG Steven Wright

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: after the festivities

After the festivities all three clans headed over to the Holodeck, Awal went to select his weapons. Kronnelti chose the Bat'leth, B'Eltor & two klingon long swords for his weapons, as he picked up each weapon he carefully looked over them knowing his pride was on the line after challenging G'ginloss. Kronnelti chose these blades for a reason and it's to take down or take out anybody in his way.
Wright was honestly surprised that so many Klingons fit within his featured arena. Shaking like a distinct mixture of berserker and hyper, he was starting to wonder if he'd have to end up showing up some Klingon in melee combat just to get his jitters under control. For now, he was just excited to see how his crewmates fared against one another.

G'ginloss and Kronnelti entered the circle in the center of hundreds of cheering, roaring, screaming Klingons. They faced each other as the heads of their clans spoke, announcing the the value of this trial, touting and the honor to be won sharpening our blades with, or on, our allies.

The roar of the crowd rose as the Klingon leaders finished their speeches. At it's loudest, making the whole holodeck shake, and being heard outside, they yelled in unison. "Quv yItlhap. Vay!"(For honor and glory. Fight!)

The two klingons heaved their weapons from the table, and carefully weighed their balance from the crafted steal. Each was a weapon of some formidable weight and skilled use. 

Ech'am twirled the smaller blades in his hands creating an artwork form with how the maneuvers went. After the display his XO put on Awal put on a similar show of skill, but deftly caught one of the blades with his teeth as it came spiraling down from a dizzying array of spins and flipped it to his back having it slide into the sheath held by his waist. 

The two circled around each other truly measuring each other up, looking for openings that would not come easily. Moving nearly a fraction of a second apart the two charged each other as they read each other's moves. Ech'am went high, while Awal went low, swinging there hand swords at each other in a flurry of blows. The two moved fast, as trained warriors do, blocking openings as they came, defending areas as quick as they opened. 

Again they split apart, almost as quick as they had come together. This time welding their weapons by the blade and hilt, a dangerous maneuver if one was not experienced.  As the hours went on they continued these rounds never seeming to tire or get bored. Each time they entered the fray with each the adjusted to the others strategy. The blows went back and forth, while glanced blows nicked and bruised their faces and arms neither gave into the other. In mid blow Ech'am severed his grip on his hand weapons, rolled and swung his bat'leth down into the eyes of his opponent.

By miraculous reflexes Awal managed to deflect his blow and retrieve his own bat'leth. Swinging almost ceremoniously they continued their battle, fighting with every last bit they have. Their experience in thos battle between them is begining to show, with a faint yet noticeable drop of sweat forming on the brow of Awal. 

The calm breath of Ech'am, the poise he is showing, begins to show his level of expertise with fighting and remaining centerd in the midst of combat. 

Awal circles for the moment as well, his breath slightly heavier then his opponents, his brow slightly wetter, as it glistens in the light. 

The tension between the two as they study each other, looking for that one slip in defense that will allow the victoer to be named. 

Mildly a slip of frustration appears on the brow of Ech'am, barely showing that even this battle is wearing on him in ways that it isn't for Awal. A shuffle of feet - TWANG!! A deafening blow crashes as Awal goes on the offensive, Ech'am's face showing the bare hint of surprise, noticeable only for those adept at reading the face of Klingons. 

Pressing his attack, he continues the onslaught against his younger brother. Blow after blow, cross after cross until Awal manages to finally draw first blood. Ech'am rolls back to take a better defensive stance as he examines  the cut with a glance. In that moment Awal celebrates for the slightest second.

Ech'am pounces instinctively swinging his bat'leth down hard, only to miss as Awal dodges to the right, swinging his own bat'leth. For what seems like eternity, the two attack, perry, dodge and attack again. Waiting, grinding the other into submission or making a mistake. 

It became a dance, Awal making the moves, sweeps, slides, while Ech'am slid, and swept. 

Suddenly out rang Ech'am's bat'leth as it slammed against the ground making most people jump, the surprise in that sound in that moment found Ech'am hoisting Awal up of his feet as he was slammed into the ground. His grip loosened on his bat'leth as his arms got pinned to the ground by the knees of Ech'am. A bat'leth at his throat, ready to take his life.


It was enough to snap the two from their fight. To bring them back from the state of battle. The two fighters stood up, helping each other get off the floor. Drinks flowed, and the two were invited to watch the other fights, judging them as they happened. 

No other fight was as spectacular as the first, but were a sight to behold. Several times it appeared one was the stronger fighter, and would win, when tables turned and the other was Victor.

The rest of the night began to blur as the pain sticks and confession was next, conducted straight afterwards as the first fight took nearly a day to be completed. The confession of all klingons there that day cemented into history the fights that night. With the fight between Ech'am and Awal to be set into a legend that would be told for centuries to come.

Awal Kronnelti 


Ech'am G'ginloss 


Steven Wright


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