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This lie protects me

Posted on Sun Jul 4th, 2021 @ 4:26am by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: Winter's Quarters, Starbase 10
Timeline: before/during "Somethin's Hap'ened...."

Checking his padd one more time to make sure Winters should be in his quarters, the benefit of live access to internal sensors, Wright chimed the door. It'd been quite a day for himself so far, partying alongside Klingons all day and riding an artistic manic episode, but given that Winters had been occupied with Admirals most of the day, he felt a need to share something personal with the Captain.

Aurther had taken off his jacket and thrown it over the chair in quarters. What had been just one lone meeting with senior personal, had felt like a week of being in and out of some sort of schooling. His personal feelings is that he did, in fact, just get schooled. The reports, while he would not say are damning, were not painting the best picture of himself, the ship and his command. Sitting down beside his dinning room table, a cold beverage in his hand, he let the weight of the world leave him as he let out a sigh. One small sip was all he was able to get to before the chime to his room went off.

"Enter please." He called out.

The door slid open, revealing Steven Wright. Scanning the quarters quickly, he made eye contact with Winters and approached. "Sorry to bother you Sir, but I've got something you should probably know about me going forward," offering a black PADD as he reached the table. "You should know, nobody in Starfleet knows what's on that PADD, I've been absolutely certain about that. Please just read the most recent entries Captain, and I'll answer any questions you have."

As soon as Winters took the PADD, Wright crossed the room to it's replicator and started tapping away, trying in what he was absolutely certain was not a Lt. JG way, to dissuade conversation until the PADD had been reviewed. The captain would soon know the full extent of extracurricular violations of Federation law he'd been up to for his entire career. While he definitely wasn't certain he wanted this to be known, he also knew it was too late not to take what was coming to him.

What must have felt like an eternity to to you the young Lieutenant, was only a few minutes. Aurther's fingers moved the screen down and scrolled through the copious and vigorous data and records that he had been handed. Winters's eyes blinked heavily a few times by the time he got to the end. He placed the PADD down on his table.

"Computer, seal the doors, and enable Winters security protocol, authorization Winters seven-two-five Tango."

=/\= Enabled =/\= The Computer Chirped.

"Well Mr. Wright, do you want to maybe elaborate on this a little more. Maybe... give your side of the story." Winters brought his drink back to his mouth and swished it around. He knew there was about to be a conversation, and deep one at that.

"I'm going to be informal for this Captain. I don't know why parents made the decision they did, particularly given my father's role as an Admiral. By the time I realized my difference, I knew of the Eugenics war, I knew of Khan and his compatriots. While I show outwardly that I lack a lot of human emotions, I am simply emulating Vulcan ways. There's a surprising number of Earth traditions that teach similar techniques, though rarely did our ancestors feel that emotion should be removed entirely."

Aurther leaned forward, taking another sip of his drink.

"Our emotions make us human. And I feared, because of what I know about my limits compared to the limits of those around me, that in those emotional moments, I would show my nature. Once I knew I was augmented, I knew I'd have to pretend not to be. Particularly since my father convinced a certain medical officer or two to falsify "normal" records until I was at the Academy."

Winter's hand fell to his table again. Slowly making his way over to the PADD on the table. His eyes quickly skimmed over the mans records, from his time in the Academy to now. He didn't want to give it his full attention as Wright was still explaining himself.

"Once there, well, you just reviewed what I've done to cover for my parents' decision and preserve my own freedom. Given my frequent transfers, both during my Academy years and since leaving, it got dicey a few times, but I managed. I did have to repair equipment twice, but I've never hurt anyone to preserve my lie. I'm not entirely certain as to why it works this way, but after having to end several lives to keep our crew safe, I trust you. I can see you care about your crew, and I have felt welcomed here."

"That is the environment that I have been striving for since taking command myself." Aurther took a deep sigh before his left gently rubbed his face as his thought. "You have put me into a bit a of bind though. I don't know what to do with the information that you've given me. On the one hand, I do know the laws of the Federation and how augmentation was outlawed. You, yourself, are contraband in the very eyes of the Federation. However, as it was not done with your knowledge, and was in fact ordered by your father... this is what puts me in the bind." Aurther took a few moments to think to himself again. His eyes looked down at his drink. It was warm once, but now was room temperature. He sipped it, and licked his lips before proceeding. "I will have to think about this, but I'm not going to arrest you, or call security on you. I understand the bravery it took to even bring this to me, and I respect that."

Steven stared into his empty cup for a few moments before looking up to his captain. "My thanks Captain, it's a tough spot I've put you in, but I felt the need to share. I will take your decision on this matter, whatever it may be. I am sorry for putting you in this position--" He trailed off as the door chimed.


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