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Hes backkkk?

Posted on Sat Jul 3rd, 2021 @ 5:52pm by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Onassis Discovery
Location: Undisclosed Location
Timeline: Current

Wyatt could feel his surroundings change. The prison cell had become a ship of unknown origin. Yet he was chained in a confined space. There were maybe 6 others in that same room. One of which looked familiar to Wyatt.

The tall brunette in the corner turned to him and in a state of shock called out to him. "Quinton? is that you?"

Wyatt suddenly felt a brief moment of sincerity. This was Wyatt Johnson. Wyatt's best friend from the academy.

"Yes it is Wyatt. Its nice to see you again wherever this is" Wyatt acknowledged.

"This is a old Starfleet ship Wyatt. It was then hijacked. They took this ship to take people with information as slaves." his friend explained.

"What Information? Why us?" Wyatt Asked trying to break through the chains.

"Doesn't matter now much does it?"

Then Wyatt remembered something Kelvin winters told him. If he could manage to dislocate his arm the bone might just be loose enough.

He began twisting his arm a million times with all his strength. Finally he heard a loud crack. The bone was broke allowing him to slide his arm free and undo the other shackle.

Within moment he was free. Now he needed a weapon. As he thought about how to procure one, luck and skill eventually was on his side. The doors to the cell opened and a guard who had not been paying full attention walked in. Perhaps lost in his own thoughts he didn't notice out of the corner of his eyes that Wyatt was holding himself against the wall. His reality kicked in for a moment as he realized that there was chains without someone in them. His hand reached for something on his belt, and Wyatt didn't have time to judge what he was reaching for. Weapon or communicator, it didn't matter in the end. A quick blow from Wyatt's only good arm the mans neck caused both surprise and agony. Instinctively, the guard heeled over in pain, only to have his face find a knee coming in with a speed and force that shattered that mans nose and skull, sending him toppling onto his back. What last little sense the guard had was gone as boot connected with his head. With those three quick deadly blows, the man was now unconscious. Seizing the opportunity, Wyatt now went over the guard looking for anything he could use.

"Kick their asses Wyatt." He heard from his friend as he grabbed a gun off a dead body.

Immediately Wyatt ran through the door. Nothing was gonna stop him this time. He had 6 peoples lives hanging on him. Most were already near dead.

As Wyatt kept running he was stopped by a guard. Who attempted to subdue him, but after a quick scuffle, a weapons blast rang the hallways of the ship and the alien lay dead on the floor.

(3 Hours later)

Wyatt was closer to death then he had ever been. Most of his body had given up by the time he reclaimed the ship. Yet despite being able to walk Wyatt needed help for the others.

He was able to use the last of his strength to contact the Chuck Norris.

" Wyatt said as he fell down to the ground. Wyatt's body, he couldn't feel it anymore. His eyesight started to fade and as he drew his last few breaths of air, a calm went over him. Relief that he had taken back the ship, and saved his friends, hopefully. His lungs exhaled as a low mummer flew out of his body, then his held tilted to the side, his pupils widened, and Lt. Cmdr. John Wyatt, was now dead.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Docked at Starbase 10)

Radio static as an unknown incoming transmission is being broadcast on a channel seldom used.

" Wyatt said as he fell down to the ground.

Wyatt was dead.

"Helm, lock onto that transmission and bring it back, Now!"

"The link has been established"


"Hello? Why are you yelling over the com line? WYATT! NOOOOOO!!!!!" Sobbing sounds could be heard from the other side.

A few moments later the screen lit up showing a bloody scene, several dead bodies and 7 people in various states of starvation, and dehydration.

"What happened?"

In a few moments the battered humans relayed what happened, and how Wyatt saved them. Without him they would have ultimately died in a penal colony as few ever survive the prison camps.

Rage showing on the Klingons face knowing he was supposed to protect his ship mates. Suddenly roars filled the momentary void of speech as the Klingons bellowed for the soul to the battlegrounds of the afterlife.

"Rest in peace my friend." G'ginloss said softly

"Send those coordinates to the Montana. The USS Montana should be there shortly, for now stay alive. The federation will want a full debriefing at Starbase 10 once you arrive there. For now, we will talk again later."

"Peace be with you and your loss commander, his sacrifice will not be forgotten by any of us." A tall brunette said to the klingon on the screen.

~USS Montana, this is the Norris, come in Montana~

"This is the Montana, how can we help you?"

"We have the coordinates of the ship that John Wyatt was on, sending them to you now. One federation casualty, 7 survivors, slavers are dead."

"Understood, time to arrival to that location will be 5 hours at maximum warp. We will bring them back safely."

"See you back at the Starbase soon, any information you find out, we will need a report when you arrive back to the station when we can link up after my mission." Commander G'ginloss said over the comms.

"Cut comms, bring us out of port at 1/4 impulse, heading 213, Mark 75. When we reach the standard distance, warp 5 to Onassis. Engage"

Captain Winters
Commanding officer
USS Chuck Norris


Ech'am G'ginloss
Xo and Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


John Wyatt
Chief Intelligence
USS Chuck Norris


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