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Something Stinks

Posted on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 @ 6:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Ships Security Office
Timeline: Current

=Ships Security Office=

Pibb was sitting very mellow while combing over reports. He had been very quiet since Wyatt's trial. Something stinks he thought. Wyatt was out of character and Pibb didn't believe a single word said at the trial. Wyatt had to have been manipulated and set up but, how? Balen had been snooping around and asking questions. He was hoping to make someone nervous but, nothing as of yet.

Ryoko took the liberty of purposely picking up and dropping a pen on the floor as obviously as he could make it. The clanking of the metal pen did an echo in the room.

Pibb looked up over the PADD "impressive, I did think it would bounce."

As Ryoko crossed his arms "so, now that I have you attention."

Pibb looked rather puzzled "Just when have I ever been that unapproachable?"

"You've been very preoccupied lately," as Ryoko's seat rocked backwards. It felt rather dramatic as if it was on que.

"You really don't believe all that bull$h!t about Wyatt do you? I mean there is no real motivation. The whole thing just stinks." As Pibb laid the PADD down.

"We're not doing another jail break are we?"

Pibb put his mind as ease. "No, nothing along those lines. Although, they make it so easy. It's probably time to talk to the skipper. He gives off the impression he thinks it's B.S. too."


LCDR Balen Pibb, COS
USS Chuck Norris


MAC Mark Ryoko, CI
USS Chuck Norris


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