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Wyatts jail time

Posted on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 @ 6:18am by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Undisclosed Location
Timeline: Current

Wyatt couldnt get over himself. He knew turning himself in was the right thing to do. However he couldbt come to terms with himself. Which was odd consdiering Wyatt was noturis for it.

Wyatt had done many questionable things but nothing as exterme as attempting to murder his hero.

Things were tough for Wyatt. He wanted to grab that phaser and end things with himself once and for all.

That was untill Wyatts vistor. It was a old woman who obviusly was a admiral given the pips and age. Wyatt estamated that she was at least 150 years old. "Hello Wyatt" She said. "Uhm Hello Admiral?" Wyatt was confused. Why was she here? Who was she? What did she want?

"Ive been around enough Vulcans to know that face Wyatt. Youre confused. Well let me end your confusion. Im Admiral Emmalyn Marcus."
She said.

Wyatt suddenly knew who she was. Of course one of the few captains of the 2200s left. let alone one of the few female captains.

"Starship Montana. During the Kirk era." Wyatt boasted. "You know your history thats good. Anyway Wyatt I know your innocent. Thats why im gonna get outta here" She boasted.

"Im not innocent. Winters attempted murder was on me." Wyatt argued.

Marcus could sense wyatt was having a flair up. For Wyatt it wasnt easy being one of the few people in the 24th century with Autism. A Disorder long thought to erdiciated.

"I belive the romulans may have formed a mind meld Wyatt. Given your ASD I think it may have compley taken over." Marcus explained.

Suddenly Wyatt sensed a feeling in trust of her. A feeling he hadnt felt since he last saw winters.

He knew marcus meant her word. Could she be righht? Proabaly not but if she had clousre wyatt was taking it.


Lieutenat Commander John Wyatt
Cheif intelligence officer


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