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Klingon Fight Club

Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2021 @ 2:12am by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Truth and Consequences
Location: Bar and Holodeck, Starbase 10
Timeline: during the festivities


As the roars that could be felt in one's bones from the assembled horde of Klingons grew to a crescendo at the end of Trigon Hightower G'odoss' speech, Steven Wright approached the bar again, a wry grin across his face as he stalked towards the barkeep. He put himself directly in the barkeeps line of sight as he turned back to face the bar.

"You know what, I think I'm going to celebrate by programming. I'll take a refill, and one of your holodecks for the next three days." Pausing, he slid a chip across the bar. "Only charge what I authorize to that, but it will cover the cost just fine. Besides, I'm letting you double charge the whole time, I'll just be drinking, programming, sparring, and tweaking a narrated battle."

The barkeep charged the account, and turned back to a row of Klingons waiting patiently for their Bloodwine. Wright caught his eye from the door to the holodeck, waving a bottle of Bloodwine in one hand and a bottle of Andorian Ale in the other.

With everything going on for the celebrations, before leaving the stage Awal turned to G'ginloss and his clan, and challenged him to hand to hand combat, Kronnelti even said G'ginloss can choose the place of combat. After Awal had said this another uproar in excitement happened throughout all the Klingons, word kept spreading about it all the way to the bar where Dr McCloud was.

Frantically typing away at a control panel in a stone wall, Wright glanced back and forth between a padd in his hand and the shifting terrain in front of him. While he was excited to show off his creation in front of 3 clans of Klingons, but this was just the first test. The next would involve behavioral patterns, variable safety parameters, and an attempt at recreating one of the greatest moments in Klingon history, if not History in general. Finally satisfied with the ancient city around him, he saved the current program state, and locked the program.

Maniacal cackling could be heard from the holodeck when news of Kronnelti challenging G'ginloss made it's way there. Ducking and weaving through the crowded and celebrating Klingons, Wright made it to the bar to see them still upon the stage.

"I offer the grounds of Qam-Chee for location of the trial!" Wright shouted over the crowd.

Kronnelti looked over towards the bar and saw Lt. Wright as he shouted, then looks back over at G'ginloss and says you hear that brother a good time to battle, but because I'm older than you doesn't mean i can't take you down. Kronnelti boasts his Alpha side (with a growl) but he knows G'ginloss can still take him down due to his overall experience

Joining them at the stage, Wright says "The grounds are ready, and after the trial, I have a recreation of the Battle of Qam-Chee for these three noble clans to judge. I offer this to the celebrations."

"Wonderful! I have now planned all the ways in which to defeat you younger brother. Yet I will let you decide your defeat in the face of battle." Ech'am responded finally as he opened his eyes from his meditation.

"Wright, you know about one of the most historic battlegrounds of our history, this is most appreciated as humans would say. Honorable as well."

Slamming his right arm across his chest, Wright responded with a quick salute, and made off to prepare the grounds.

The three heads of the house come over to give their regards and truly announce the first match of this day.
It took a few minutes for the arena to be set up, and ready for the fight.

Picking up a few of the weapons to feel how they handled in his hands, Ech'am finally decided on the two he would use. The Bat'leth and Mek'leth he chose the ones that felt best and were unique in the way that they looked. Both blades had dragons etched into the blade. He was finally ready for this battle to begin.

"Prepare yourself Kronnelti, today you go down." The whole demeanor of his XO changed in a way he could tell that his opponent was becoming focused with a look of pure rage, an aura of being ready for battle, to either kill or maim any who dare oppose him.

Taking a stance to dare Kronnelti to engage him, he was fully prepared for this battle.

Kronnelti just stared at his commander, his growl got louder. Awal knew what his weapons would be due to his experience with them. Then without hesitation he let out a loud roar then said today there will only be one victor and that will be me brother his rage was becoming more forceful than normal.

Qam-Chee is where Kahless the Unforgettable and Lady Lukara first struck against Molor's tyranny.


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