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To Kelvin with love VI The Undiscovered Axelrod

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2021 @ 5:22am by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4005
Timeline: Current

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris)

Wyatt was relieved Axelrod was saved. However he knew there was bound to be consequences for his doings. Wyatt however decided to stay out of it. He was not part of this timeline yet, or rather he tried. Didn't take long to get roped in.

"Wyatt, you're here?" Axelrod stated as he was being escorted by the security officers.

"Uhm.....I.......I...." Wyatt began to stutter out of nervousness.

"I am glad, I guess, that if there was anyone who was going to come after me. It was going to be you, and the Chuck Norris. I know we have not had the best interactions." He let out a sigh. "But all road have to come to an end eventually."

Wyatt tried hard to fight back his emotions. At best he could tell, Axelrod, his father, real name Dane Wyatt, had no memory of him. As he tried to piece it together, the truth dawned on him. There was no way that his father would know who he was, and even trying to explain it would come across as the ramblings of a madman. "Yes, well, it was more personal for me. More personal then you would ever know."

Axelrod looked slightly confused by the man's choice of words, he seemed like he was going to say something back, but held his tongue. With the silence now, the two security officers continued to take him to the brig, leaving John Wyatt alone in the halls of the Chuck Norris.

(Captain's Ready Room)

Aurther had just leaned back strongly into his chair. Rubbing his eyes he attempted to push the throbbing feeling that was pounding in his head out of his mind. Looking back down at his desk, there were just piles of PADD's. Detailed accounts from the many crew that were both on the planet, and on the Chuck Norris. He attempted to write his own log and report about everything that had transpired. The Chuck Norris was still 15 hours away from Starbase 10. At which point that if he had not submitted his report, there would be a physical debriefing. Both of these options were not promising perspective to him. The door chime to his office went off, causing him to lean back in his chair and close his eyes.

"Enter." he called out and waited.

"Hello Captain."

The voice took him off guard. A small ship like the Chuck Norris and you know everyone. When his eyes opened there was man, who he had never seen before, wearing an uniform that was unknown. However from a quick glance, it was obviously Starfleet in design, and had an insignia, albeit familiar but different. "Who are you?"

"Commander Ducane, U.S.S. Relativity." He smiled a nodded.

"Relativity, I have never heard of that ship." Winters arose from his seat.

"Nor should you have Captain. Nothing personal, but it would be best to understand all the details. It would take too much time, and another decade in temporal mechanics for it to make sense, and frankly, we don't have that kind of time. Just know I am part of the Federation, just, a Federation in the future. The 29th century to be more specific." The man explained as he walked through the small office and looked at the small trinkets that Winters had decorated it with. He heard Aurther open the comm line and call for security. Ducane let out a little sigh of both relief and annoyance. "That won't help you Captain Winters, we have isolated your ready room in a single moment of time. No matter how much time passes in here, out there, it will just be milliseconds."

"You seem to have me at a disadvantage then Commander. If you don't mind me being so blunt, what are you doing here? I assume it has to do with Axelrod." He paused for a moment to gauge the reaction. "Or should I say Dane Wyatt."

Ducane laughed, "Well, some people were bound to find out. What do you know about Commander Wyatt?"

"Just what I read in his file, the most striking thing of course is that he is supposed to be dead. Killed in action, right around the time that Wyatt was born."

"Correct Captain." Ducane walked over to Winters, "However it doesn't tell the whole truth of the matter. When his ship was destroyed in battle, due the weapons and the efforts being made at the time, somehow Dane break the time continuum, and fractured space and time and such a sloppy way, that we have been working hard to set the timelines back in order. We had a lot of trouble locating Dane, we are unsure why currently."

"I guess in the future even you don't have all the answers. Although I mean one would assume you have all the time in the world to fix it." Winters folded his arms.

"Well... yes and no, again, this would take more time to explain then I have, and the longer I'm here, it's just bad for our current timeline." Duncane now took a seat. "So, I am taking Dane back with me. Once that is done, the timeline can be permanently fixed, at least with the ripples and cracks he caused. That's why I'm here Captain. This is more of a courtesy call more than anything."

Aurther now seemed and spoke angrily, "What? You can't take him. Even if he is from a different time, he has crimes that he needs to stand trial for. To be proven guilty or innocent, it's not my decision. It's the decision of the Federation."

"I understand that, but I can assure you. All the charges that are being levied against him are false, and to be blunt as you requested before, there is nothing that you can do to stop this. Technically this has all happened already, and will continue to happen in the never ending loop of time." Ducane stood firmly to his feet. Aurther rubbed the front of his head, as the pounding was now coming back as he tried to wrap his head around the details.

"Then what happens to Dane? Are you just going to let him die?"

Ducane looked somewhat horrified at the notion, "Of course not. If it helps you, we won't be sending Dane back to his timeline. He is listed as being dead, and for all records he will stay that way. We will give him the opportunity to join the Relativity actually. If he agrees it will be a tremendous undertaking, however the other option is a temporal facility where he would live out the rest of his days. Unable to effect the timeline, but not be free to leave."

Aurther's eyes narrowed, "Like a prison?"

"Think more of a resort." Ducane looked at his PADD, "Although, pardon my language, but time is of the essence. Axelrod and I will be gone soon enough. For your sake Captain, I would just list him as being lost in the attempt to rescue him. It will be less paperwork for you, however, some consequences." He smiled, "Nothing you couldn't handle."

Aurther thought for a moment before just raising his hands up, "Very well, again, nothing I can do to stop this apparently. Just please, for the sake of Wyatt and myself, take care of him. I know how devastating this will be on him."

Ducane nodded before tapping his PADD and disappearing from the room. As he did, the door chime went off again.

"Enter." he called out again, this time he was greeted by the familiar face of Commander Pibb.

"My report sir, tragedy that we weren't able to apprehend Axelrod. Can't believe the Romulans chose to self destruct their own ship and sacrifice their lives for that man. " Pibbs arm extended out as he handed him his PADD.

"Yes... it was." Aurther looked out his window before addressing the security chief again, "Dismissed." Pibb nodded and turned around, leaving the room as Aurther leaned and sat on the edge of his desk. He let out yet another large audible sigh, a trend he noticed he had been doing more often. Reading through the report that Pibb had given him, it read as he remembered it, but there were some details that changed. This time the teams suffered no casualties. It appeared that Lt. Wynonna only existed when Wyatt did not. After Bravo team entered the ship, they did not find Axelrod and it made a suicide attempt to ram the Chuck Norris.
After finishing up the report Aurther tossed the PADD on his desk, next to the other ones. He knew he was going to have to just lock himself in his ready room for a time to get this all completed, but the quiet time, was at least a little something to look forward to.

OFF: And that's it folks, the official end of the mission. Hopefully we will get the newest one started up as soon as I can.

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
Lieutenant John Wyatt

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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