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The escape plan

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 1:20am by Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti & Captain Aurther Winters & Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Romulan prison cell
Timeline: Current

ON: (Romulan Ship in Orbit)

After Awal was beaten and thrown into the cell, he laid waiting for a rescue. He couldn't actually tell how much time had passed. To him it felt like hours, in reality, it was more just like minutes. Two more Romulans walk in and again beat Kronnelti down taking his fighting spirit away inch by inch. Awal now realized this is going to be a routine with him so he needs to think and fast or before he knows that it will lead to his death.

More time passes and again it's routine but this time nobody comes, so Kronnelti thinks up a plan but its going to be dangerous and possibly suicidal.

Kronnelti now has a plan on what he's going to do. Awal lays in his cell playing possum he slowed his breathing and stopped his heart (stupid dangerous) three Romulans show up and notice Kronnelti isn't moving, they check his vitals, the Lt looks up and just says OH SHIT he's dead.

(Romulan Ship Bridge)

"Sir, it appears that the Federation Captain is signaling us to receive the prisoner." The security officer proclaimed.

"Typical of Starfleet, they would not dare risk having anything happen to any of their officers. They like to play it safe, and I gamble I was willing to play." Rommel smirked.

"Their shields are lowering."

Rommel stood up, "Good, do a bio check on the incoming transporter signal. Make sure it's Axelrod. Once he's aboard, take the other Starfleet officer to the the nearest airlock."

"Sir?" The hesitation in the Romulans voice caused the Sub-Commander to snap back.

"You heard me. Blow him into space, but let the Federation ship know where he is. That will give us time to make our escape.", the Captain said coldly as he turned to his Communication officer. "Have we heard anything from the Planet yet?"

"No audio communication has been reached yet, but we have received a few messages. Their bridge was destroyed and the ship was disabled, but working on repairs. 13 Centurions were injured, and 5 killed." She reported back.

"On second thought than..." Rommel turned back to his security officer, "Don't let the Federation ship know where there crewman is. Let's call it... professional courtesy on our part."

"Yes sir.", again the Romulan security officer replied, yet seemed hesitant about the order. This time he did not show it though. "Transporter room is detecting the bio sign for the incoming signal. It... appears to be the prisoner."

"What do you mean, seems to be?" Rommel questioned.

"The DNA, it matches with half of what we were expecting, but the other half doesn't."

"Odd... do you have a reason for this?"

"I can't think of one sir, not without running test on the transporter system or the person."

Rommel walked over to the console and looked through the Data himself. "Bring whoever aboard, if it's not Axelrod, I don't know why they would risk sending anyone else over." he opened the Comms panel. "Bridge to brig..." He waited and seemed confused by the lack of response. "Bridge to brig!" his voice carried.

"Sir! Something... somehow... our transporter system is being overridden!"

"Overridden! How?" There was brief silence before the Captain opened up the comm again. "Bridge to transporter room"

"No! He's materializing, stop... secu..." The sound of a phaser going off ended the communication.

"Someone's in the system, internal sensors are offline." The security officer announced.

"Raise the shields, I don't want anyone else getting through. Get security down there... immediately!" Rommel commanded, now with more frustration and slight panic in his voice.

(Outside Brig)

As the Lieutenant ran from the cells he keeps thinking to himself that he's a dead man if the the sub-commander finds out their prisoner is dead, unfortunately for the Lieutenant, he had fallen right into Awal's trap. As he left the brig area, the Klingon's eyes went wide, startelling the other two Romulans who were looking over him. Using this adrenaline and rush of anger, Awal screamed and threw one of the men to the side, grabbing the other as the two men wrestled to get to their feet. Back and forth they crashed back into the walls, until finally Awal got the upper hand, broke the arm lock and double fisted punched the Romulan he was fighting. The man his the wall, and then the ground unconscious. Awal spun around and saw the other Romulan trying to get back to his feet. With a quick few steps, he decided to repay the favour and with a swift hard kick to the Romulans jaw, he was now sprawled on the ground too. The Klingon then dropped to one knee, gasping for breath and he tried to compose himself. Neither man was armed, which was unfortunate, but at this point he felt he didn't need weapons. Rising to his feet, he opened the doors to the brig and looked to see if the coast was clear. When it was, he made his way down a hallway, looking for a means to escape.

(Brig hallways)

After Kronnelti steps out of the brig into the hallway he creeps around quietly keeping his breathing slow, hearing romulans running around Awal dips into a dark little area as he lets several romulans pass by. He thinks to himself there has to be escape pods somewhere so after he let's then pass he continues down the hallway he turns right passing an airlock with a guard not paying attention he Kronnelti hits him hard enough to knock the guard out, then proceeds to open the airlock tosses the guard in and then in one quick motion (swoosh) the guard gets sucked into space. Awal knows he will be caught so he keeps going then finds a storage room....he spots his badge and puts it on and taps it, Awal to Capt winters, Awal to Lt G'ginloss do you copy?

"Yea, I'm here Kronnelti." A moment later a grunt and scream passes through the badge as Lt Commander G'ginloss kills yet another Romulan. "The corridor is clear for now, continuing on. To both of you, I will no longer be speaking after this. Time is of the essence. Meet me in the engine room Awal. Schematics will be sent to you of this ship through your badge, listen closely to the directions it will give you. Captain, I will disable the ship. Once I do lock onto us and beam us back. This ship will not be here much longer. Stall for us. We will return."

After that a soft hum could be heard through the com badge of G'ginloss, a small camera brought allowed the captain to see what his XO did. This was a stealth mission after all. They knew someone was here, just not who. With the shields up, there was no escaping, yet with his knowledge the two officers would yet survive, with the death of these romulan scum.

A breathtaking few minutes later, G'ginloss was able to find the engineering section, somehow he managed to catch the 5 Romulans in there by surprise, although one of them managed to alert the bridge to the presence of someone in that department. He has only a few moments to achieve his goal before being locked out completely of any and all systems.

Not good, not good he started saying to himself as he was beginning to lose the battle for control, just as he heard the door open he found the inserted virus just as he was going to be locked out. Tapping into it he was able to start circumnavigation of the firewalls to gain control. It was at this moment he felt a phase rifle to the back of his skull.

"At this range klingon, death is assured. I would introduce myself, however we have already met. Knowing any move could be his last he hoped the virus would catch up in time before the trigger was pulled. He knew he had to find stalling time. Thankfully Winters came through. In the corner of his eye he also noticed the klingon who had been captured. Things were looking up, but he had to be careful of his words and actions.

Hearing the Lt's voice Awal became more calm and was happy to hear he was also on this ship. After receiving the schematics Kronnelti proceeded to the engine room carefully rounding every corner, it took some time but he eventually got there but he can hear the commotion, with everything going on in the engine room he can make out Capt Winters voice but he doesn't hear the Lt's.....thinking of what to do Awal rounded back to the storage room and started going through everything until he found what he was looking for. Some kind of stun grenade a rifle, pistol and what looks to be a rigged bomb that can be worn around the chest, Kronnelti then ran back to the door and got it to open without showing himself. Awal yelled out put your rifle down or everybody dies then walks in with a make shift bomb strapped to his chest with a detonator in hand, he saw Winters on the other side and the Lt on the ground Awal gave Winters the crazy this will work look.

Rommel looked around the room and began to judge his situation. He dropped his phaser rifle to his side, before letting it go as it hit the floor with a thud. He let out a little half laugh and smiled, knowing that he had been bested. "How did you do it Captain, the curiosity is getting to me."

"I will be quick about it, I assume we don't have too much time. One of our crewmembers maybe related to Axelrod, so just had his pattern cycle through the buffer ,which gave us enough time to get a few of our signals through into your ship. A few key systems disabled, and we kind of had free rain. The shields were the only thing we didn't plan on. A little more sophisticated then we were expecting, which led us here, and now... well, you are up to date."

"Cunning Captain... you would make a good Romulan Captain." Rommel seemed to boast.

"But we've had a chance to scan your ship, and we recognize it. It was you, you and whatever organization you belong to. You have been attacking the Federation supply lines. It was you that destroyed the U.S.S. Wayne." Winters grilled as he approached the Romulan. "Trying to bait us, either into a full fledge war, or some sort on incursion, all trying to get your hands... on Axelrod."

"Astute of you Captain, I was not there for the destruction of the Federation vessel, but the Federation was not taking this situation with the gravity we were hoping for." He turned and faced Winters, "However, as you would say, desperate times need desperate measures."

"These are not desperate times." G'ginloss interjected.

"In your eyes, but in mine. The Federation is the beginning and end to our problems. Without it, the Romulan Star Empire would be the dominant force in the galaxy. We would be able to expand to any system we wanted. The expansionism would sustain our culture until the end of time." Rommel almost sounded like he was preaching.

"You're a madman, that makes no sense. There's no way to know that." Awal argued back.

"Perhaps boy, but I have faith." Rommel lowered his head.

"Axelrod... you thought is he is indeed a time traveler, you could get his technology? Go back... and what? Stop the Federation from happening?" Winters was now face to face with the Romulan Captain.

"If I exterminated the entire Human race... there would be no Federation." A sinister smiled appeared, as he thought about his plan.

"That is lunacy." Winter looked the man in the eyes. "You would genocide an entire race, on a whim?"

"As I said Captain... faith."

"We're ready." G'ginloss announced getting the attention of everyone is the room.

"It's time to go!" Awal came back in from the hallway, "The Romulans have regrouped and are coming back. Full force, I don't think we could repel them."

Winters tapped his comm badge, "Winters to Norris, execute." With the final word out, the Federation Officers could feel the transporter system begin to energize on them.

"Well meet again!" Rommel yelled, fuming with anger.

"Not likely." Winters replied as the Romulan security detail ran into the room.

The Federation officers were now back on the Chuck Norris. Seconds after the entire power system to the Warbird went offline and the ship went dark. For a moment, while on the transporter Pad, Aurther could swear her heard Rommel scream in anger. With great haste, the officers made their way back to their stations. As Aurther and the team made their way back to the bridge, he saw a troubling visual on the main screen. The warbird that was disabled on the planet was now making its way out of orbit. The ship glowed a hot red and resembled a phoenix rising from the ashes. Fire spit from the outer hull as he closed the distance on the Chuck Norris.

"What?" G'odoss spoke in surprise.

"They have a lot of internal damage, I am reading half of their systems are offline." Commander Pibb stopped for a moment to also look at the ship as he continued his report. "I'm not even sure how they are currently flying. But they are on an intercept course, well... actually a collision course!"

"Hail them." Winters commanded, which was met with a head shake from Pibb. "Get us out of way Lieutenant."

"I'll try sir, but they are matching our course." G'odoss replied back. "They seemed real determined to get in our face ."

"19 seconds till impact." Pibb warned.

"Auxiliary power to the thrusters." Aurther watched tensely as the ship grew closer, in a split decision he had to make a gamble. "Pibb tractor beam now!"

Without hesitation the blue tractor beam from the Federation ship struck the Romulan ship. Pibb knew though that trying to catch the ship might not have stopped it, however using it as a shield in a sense, an extra supply of power was able to "push" the ship away, missing the Chuck Norris by mere metres. The Romulan Captain had gambled, and it had turned out poorly for him, as well as Rommel. The Romulan ship from that came from the surface was unable to change their vector after being pushed away from the Chuck Norris, and as she drifted at high speed, by sheer chance, it struck Rommel's warbird. The Chuck Norris made a hasty retreat from the planet and set course back to the heart of Federation space. With Axelrod back in custody, his mission was completed. As they jumped to warp, Aurther looked back at the sensor details, and could not confirm or deny if the either of the warbirds survived their collision, but the was getting further from his mind the father they were away from the plant.
Aurther leaned back in the Command chair and breathed a sigh a relief. Against all odds, his crew was able to come through again. He gave a small smile, as the pride he took in them and how they performed was always a feeling he enjoyed.

"Lieutenant G'odoss, set course back to Starbase 10. Warp 8." Winters ordered.

"Course plotted, and locked in." the helmsmen replied.

Aurther smirked slightly, as he had an overwhelming urge to give an odd response. "Kick it."

There was a small pause at the bridge crew as they took in the odd punctuation on an order, be all gave a little laugh as the Chuck Norris's engined pulsed, and the ship disappeared back into the black void of space.


Ensign Awal Kronnelti

Capt Aurther Winters

Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss


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