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Being held hostage

Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2021 @ 9:51pm by Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti & Captain Aurther Winters & Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Crewman Apprentice Squeazal

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Orbit of Hiobos V, Lulara Star System
Timeline: Current

After Kronnelti had taken out a group of Romulans as a distraction he eventually got away and had several personnel chase after him, after a short amount of time the person we were bringing back was a success and Kronnelti eventually made it back to Alpha's staging area. Out of breath Kronnelti started laughing while trying to catch his breath not realizing four Romulans had silently ambushed him and knocked him out cold taking him hostage.

Once Alpha and Bravo link up and take to orbit the USS Chuck Norris was being hailed, standing on the bridge was both Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss and Capt Aurther Winters as they open video...shockingly they see Security Officer Ensign Awal Kronnelti had been taken hostage who can hardly keep his eyes open from being knocked out.

"Captain Winters... I presume." The Romulan Sub-Commander announced seeing the two men look back at him. "I am Sub-Commander Rommel, of... well you don't really need to know that information."

"Indeed, Captain Winters, Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Chuck Norris, a Federation Ship, and you may have noticed, the space that you are currently in."

"And you may have noticed that I have one of your officers." Aurther's expression did not change. "Well I don't condone the actions that you took to get, Mr. Axelrod, I do respect them, as one soldier to another. For that reason, and that reason only, is the reason that your officer remains alive."

"I feel like we can just skip to the ending here, you are going to ask for a trade. The Ensign for Axelrod, correct?" Winters took his seat in the command chair.

"Astute observation Captain. I do enjoy your bluntness in this situation." The Romulan smiled.

"It's been a bit of a long day. As you seem to be well aware of." Winters retorted back, almost goading the man.

"Indeed..." Rommel replied back, with a gentle sound of humility.

While Kronnelti is being held hostage, he remains calm despite the beatings he endured. With half an eye open hardly can see he can hear the voice of Capt Winters, and hearing him gave Kronnelti spirit. Even though he can hardly see he can smell the wretched stench of a Romulan next to him and with one quick motion he lands a blow using his head but with that Kronnelti receives a blow knocking him out.

G'ginloss winced slightly as the sight of Awal's body hitting the floor. "You have 10 of your earth minutes to hand over Axelrod. If you fail to provide us with him, don't expect the return of your crewmen." The Comm line cut out.

"Damn..." Winters muttered under his breath.

Now that the picture on the screen went blank the face of the XO could be seen raging with anger. He allowed this rage to fill his body, soul and entire being for a moment before letting out a blood curdling battle cry. Right in the moment it was all he could do. Although startlingly loud, it was over just as quick.

"We cannot give them anything but the bloodiest of deaths Captain Winters."

While this was said in the calmest of manners, it was obvious that a quiet storm was brewing in the xo at his brother's capture.

"Here is what I propose, a two man team set down in secret and then surprise them on their own bridge. This will bring us into a very tricky transport but I think we can do it. We also send over a holographic representation of Axelrod and you captain. Two others will use stealth suits to arrive and kill the Romulan bastards like the cowards they are. We then exafill the area and get out of this system hopefully with no further problems."

"There are a lot of variables in that plan Commander..." Winters took a deep breath, "But I can assure you that I have a plan of sorts."

"Can you let me in?" There was concern in G'ginloss's voice.

"I wish I could right now Commander. I am sure you will see soon enough." The Captain paused for a moment. "You did our normal protocol before we ran into this Romulan ship correct?"

"Gypsy Protocol has been put in place sir." The First Officer acknowledged.

"Good, that may help us in a bit. Standby for read alert. Manual targeting of their ship, best guess."

(Romulan Ship)

With the screen going dark, the Sub-Commander had Kronnelti tossed into a cell only to be viciously beaten and mocked. One Romulan said "Let's just get this over with.", to his comrade but he shook his head "No we can't upset the Sub-Commander he wants him alive until we get Axelrod back and once he's back we kill this one live on feed." Awal knew he had to fight for his life, and as he attempted to make a move, the feeling of multiple feet kicking him took his breath away as he we flung into a wall. Looking back at his guards he saw they left the cell and activated the force field. Awal was defeated for now, but he was working in building back up his strength as the war was not over.

OFF and or Post?

Capt Aurther winters

Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Ensign security officer Awal Kronnelti


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