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The Squeaky Axel(rod) Gets The Grease

Posted on Thu Mar 4th, 2021 @ 7:18pm by Lieutenant JG Djon Zyngh & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Lieutenant JG Awal Kronnelti
Edited on on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 6:09am

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Hiobos V, Lulara Star System, Unknown Tal Shiar ship
Timeline: Current

ON: (Hiobos V, Lulara Star System, Unknown Tal Shiar ship)

In and out, in and out. Aurther could feel his chest move as he continued to lay on the rock. With every breath he took, he had to readjust his aim slightly. Not very much though, nothing that would make him miss his target. But enough that pinpoint precision would take a a little more work. Even though time was of the essence, he was stalling. Working on half assumptions and presumptions there was already a voice in his head reminding him that he could be wrong. However, all that self doubt had to be set aside. He was sure that he was right. It would make no sense to have a Romulan science outpost out where they were. Cloaked, is something that one usually does when trying not to disturb the inhabitants of a world. From the scans that they were able to preform, no such inhabitants belong to this world. Their uniforms was the 3rd thing, and that's when the pattern starts.
The wind died down, the dust and debris settled and it was clear that the two Romulans were unaware of their position. They seemed to preform some visual scans, and must not be able to either see the teams, or if they did, just assumed them to be scavengers and nothing to worry about. In either case, it was their mistake, and that is the best time to take advantage.
There use to be an old saying that Winters remembered. "He who fires the first shit, often loses the war." Luckily for him, this was no war, not even a battle. An ambush at worst, and a skirmish at best. With that, he took one more long breath in, held it for a brief second and then let it out.

(Outside the Cloaked Romulan Ship)

"This is ridiculous, I don't even know why we are out here." The first Romulan soldier said as he shook his uniform, having dust fall of it.

"Well, we are out here because it is remote. Unless you mean why we are out here..." he gestured to the landscape. "We are out here because you couldn't keep your mouth shut and respect of command." The second retorted.

"Then why are you?"

"Because I was standing beside you at the time, and was guilty of the same by association."

"Bad luck for you. It should be changing, we should have a full confession soon enough and we can leave this rock." The first smiled to himself.

"Well, we could use some good luck. Anyways, I don't see anything on the scanners. Some life signs, but they might just be those scavengers. They dare not attack us in the day... let alone the night."

"Right..." The First Romulan stopped and looked over to this giant rock he had seen time and time again. It looked a little different, and as he focused harder, he tried to figure out what was different. There was, some sort of cloth or something, flapping in the wind. Maybe it had gotten stuck there as it hadn't moved. "But... then why wouldn't it just fly away?" he mused.


"I said..." as he turned to address his fellow soldier, his eyes widened as phaser blast went straight by him and stuck his friend in direct center of the chest. The man was sent flying backwards through the air, before landing in a crumpled heap. His scanner falling to the ground and bouncing away, his weapon still holstered. Instinctively the first Romulan soldier reached for his weapon, and had just enough time to unholster before he suffered the same fate and was now laying beside his comrade. The two shots echoed through the canyon as all became silent for what felt like an eternity, but was only moments.

"OPEN FIRE!" Winters could be heard yelling, and the battle had indeed begun.

Djon loads Squeazal in the Swing Harness and hands him the repeating Flare-Guns.
Then he makes his last time set that delays on the EMP Charge, checks range, then arms launch sequence. Next he Sets the launch rack pop eject on his ridiculously large Side Arm. So that there is a minimum conversion time to Auto Pulse, of phaser "Rifle" function.

Finally anchor Djon Anchors Squeazal's Swing Harness to tiedowns on his Abanthu Battle Armour....and Awaits the Capt.'s Signal.

Within moments the collective fire from Alpha team started to rain down on the cloaked vessel. 5 more Romulan soldiers appeared out of cloaked and began to return fire back at alpha team. The rocks that were protecting the Starfleet officers were now exploding around them as shot after shot came close but failed to land any hits. The Captain had indeed put his team in the best place for an ambush. A few of the Romulans grabbed their fallen brothers and pulled them back to within the cloaking field. With no soft targets to fire at, the team then fired on the cloaking shield. Aurther knew that there was no way their small arms fire would do any meaningful damage, but again that was not the point. It was to distract them, and as Aurther rolled over and looked over at Djon, it was time for them to use their ace in the hole.

"Ensign Djon, do it... do it now!" Winters commanded.




The Arroyo Lights UP with a "Lighting" discharging white fireball.
Ping Swoosh Crash Rattle Baaaang the Launch rack goes Flying.

A Romulan Bird of Prey appears in static discharge, patch-workedly flaring across it's hull.

Djon Stands, "GAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwaaaaaaaCccCha!" Ripping from his lungs.

WWWWWWWWWWWWWsssssSSSSSsssshuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! repeatedly whipps trough the air .
"Ckwh..ahcCHHH..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....!" ear piercing "Sing" from Squeazal as he lets loose a continuous Rainbow Barrage of Flares showering from A WHIRLING Squeazal Literal Six Gun Display...
As Djon Raises to his Full 7' 9" Looking like an Ancient Battle Monster from HELL.

With Screaming Squeazal Fire Works, Flying from a Right Arm fully Extended putting like a Flaming Crown a almost two feet above his head and Shouldering the oversized "50 Cal" version of an Auto Fire Phaser Rifle with his left Arm.

Flanked by Awal looking like an Ancestral Klingon Warrior on One Side and Capt. Winters in "Killer Desert Rat" Buttey on the other followed by a Scene from an Old School "Blood Scavenger" Epic.

The Scene briefly appeared on the Bird of Prey's Main view screen before it and all the ship's systems explode and spark into uselessness. Including the Artificial Gravity floor plating which sends the Romulans flying weightlessly in the air for a few further disorienting seconds.
Plus all the Ship's Internal and External 'Doors' and Hatches, having to be Emergency Manually Opened (EMO).

"Ra wuh khafaya guv-tvi-rivak!" Screams the ship's captain, as he lands face down on the deck,"Salur kef-thro-svep!"

The Romulans come boiling-out their EMO and Emergency Charge blown Hatches, somewhat still shaken and confused, firing Botwo Projectile weapons since their other weapon are "Toast." Not as devastatingly lethal because they don't 'ray-fire' but "burping" their mini-railgun "bullets".

"Well that did the trick." Aurther ducked behind some rocks as bullets hit around him. He chuckled for seemingly no reason. "We got their attention, I hope Bravo is doing there thing." He thought to himself as he spun around and returned fire on the Romulans, who now were approaching alpha team. The diversion seemed like it was working.

With the diversion working, Kronnelti ran out from cover with his Bat'leth in hands. Slicing and dodging attacks coming at him, he pulled out a sonic grenade and shoved it down one Romulan and push it into a group. as Kronnelti continues on he was able to get a decent group of Romulans to follow him away from the ship yelling at the top of his lungs "Qapla."

Djon finding a place to hold-up long enough to "reel-in" Squeazal.

"Boy fun this is! Not have jolly like this in decades!" Squeazel chuckles as Djon unanchors the The Harness Squeazal is in. Djon drops The Harness and Squeazal behind cover, so he can get himself the rest of the way out.

While Squeazal is getting untangled and picks up four of his Flare Guns, Djon sets the Large backpack powered antique Phaser "Rifle" on Its highest setting and vaporizes a charging group of Romulans.

" I hope Bravo gets that Axelrod guy out soon." Djon Thinks to himself as Squeazal crawls up beside him. 'The olde-man' gets in position in time light-up some-more confused Rommies.

Squeazal 'halfway' literally 'reading' Djon's mind. "I hope both Romulan ships are flying radio silence, or or 'Orbits' may come soon cause no talkies."

"Rodger That!" acknowledges Djon, as Squeazal slowly crawl back behind Djon.

Before Djon can ask what he's got in mind...'The olde-man' whispers, "Me cover our ass so they not get behind us."


If you are wondering why the Star Fleet Weapons aren't "Fried," Djon reminded the Capt. to tell everyone to 'Wrap' their Weapons and Equipment in Abathu "Tea-Garden-Lace" , Remember: "Social Events are only "combat concealed". Is an old Abathu saying.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
Lieutenant JG Steven Wright
Encryption Specialist
Ensign Awal Kronnelti
Security Officer
Ensign Djon Zyngh
Assistant Chief Science Officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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