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Smooth and Silent

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 8:25am by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright & Crewman Apprentice Squeazal
Edited on on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 12:26am

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Hiobos V, Lulara Star System, Bravo Team Landing Site and Staging Area
Timeline: current (concurrent to mission post: Are You Sure About This!?!)


Settling into the cover of an Arroyo, Bravo Team's shuttle slid unseen into a small cloud of dust kicked up by her thrusters. As soon as the shuttle's hatch began to reveal the surface of Hiobos V, Steven Wright popped from the hatch and sprinted for the top of nearest hill. Scanning their surroundings as the shuttle emptied, he signaled all clear to Pibb, and maintained a sentry position, moving with the squad as they progressed to their destination.

Commander Pibb knew that time was of the essence. He took a quick survey of the surrounding area and saw that it was all clear. With the knowledge firmly in his mind he got his team moving. He knew there wasn't much time to dilly dally and while alpha team had to make a plan up on the fly, Bravo had to get to the high ground and wait for the diversion to start. The pathway had been mapped out very precisely, and they had to make it on time. Early was better, but being late to this party would bad for everyone.

"Bravo team, let's go, double time." Pibb motioned with his hand and started to lightly jog towards their goal.

A few minutes later, Bravo Team was making good time towards their staging area. From his vantage point above Bravo Team, Wright still only saw Crewman Squeazal coming a few moments before he would be joining the the group, skittering between rocks and brush. "Sure glad the little fellow's on our side," he thought to himself. Letting out a low but sharp whistle he knew his CO could hear, he signalled incoming friendly with his hands without breaking pace or glancing down at Commander Pibb.

"Greetings! From Captain Winters, Commander Pibb." Cadet Squeazal reported, standing "erect" as best he could, 'top' right paw British Saluting.

"Captain ready go anytime now. How You and Bravo Team?" he asked finishing his 'report-in' message to the Commander.

Pibb saluted back quickly to get the diminutive crewman to drop his salute, slowing just enough to offer Squeazal an arm while maintaining his quick-march. "Unless anything unexpected comes up, we should be just about four minutes from our Rally Point. Everything has been smooth and silent so far, let the Captain know that we'll signal when in position, he knows where to look." Commander Pibb lifted his arm towards an outcropping he was quickly approaching. "Stay safe crewman."

"Thanking You, Mr Pibb. This be big fun. Romulans are such unimaginative crittees ...this be big surprise." Squeazal chuckles as he scampers off back towards Alpha Team's location.


Lt. Cmdr. Steven Wright
Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris

Crewman Apprentice Squeazal
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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