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Who's Wyatt they said.

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 2:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb

Mission: Not Where I Belong


=Security Operations=

Pibb was sifting through reports of the latest attacks on commercial vessels in the area. Then he came across something that caught his eye.

" Here we go. Chief, I need to go see Wyatt," as he was getting up. The kelpien just looked at him oddly, "who?"

Balen smiled, "right, back in a sec..." as he assumed it was a joke he'd missed. Convincing prank he thought to himself but, could Ryoko really have figured out how to fool his Betazoid senses? They had been friends for years, it would be difficult but, not impossible.

=Wyatt's Stateroom=

Wyatt has to be here. It usually doubles as his office considering the lack of space aboard the Norris. Balen was surprised to find an unknown Ensign answering the door. Well John, definitely has good tastes. She was rather attractive.

"Yea, sir. How can I help you?"

Cute, he thought to himself. "Hello, Ensign. I'm looking for Lt. Wyatt. Is he available?"

Her reaction was very genuine as she had no idea who Balen was talking about. The Stateroom looked nothing like he'd remembered. This was now the second person. Ryoko and now her. He thanked the young woman and left.

Tapped combadge

++Pibb to Wyatt++ there was no response of any kind.

"Computer." The prompt opened. "Computer, locate Lieutenant John Wyatt."

"Searching....there is No, John Wyatt found in Starfleet records." The computers inquiry closed.

"Oh, sh*t" he muttered to himself. "Computer." The prompt opened yet again. "Locate Captain Aurther Winters."

The computer again opened a search. "Captain Winters is in the Ready room," as the prompt closed.

Well at least that was accurate as he felt is collar. At least Pibb was who he was supposed to be. His PADD confirmed his identity.

=Captain's Ready Room=

Everything else up to this point looked familiar. As Balen heard the familiar "Come in." Pibb entered the Captain's office.

" Sir, do you know Lieutenant John Wyatt?"


LCDR Balen Pibb, CoS
Uss Chuck Norris


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