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A Quick Exit

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 8:05pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Well it looked like Wyatt just disappeared, I wonder what this has to do with the mission?

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Ensign Wynonna's Quarters)

Aurther began to tune out the ramblings of the Ensign. At first she seem confused, and then a little annoyed that the Captain had just barged into her quarters unannounced. She was doing her best to make her point known without either offending or aggravating the Captain. Winters apologized, just trying to clarify that it was a logistical error, and with that he left the room. Walking through the hallways, his mind zoned out as he made his way through the decks of the ship. Passing by other crew, words did not even register as he made his way back to the bridge.

The Events of "A New Friend?" happens

"Captain Winters, you are late." The familiar man said.

"Axelrod?" Winters said back.

"I would say that you sound surprised, but I am more surprised that you never made it to Starbase 66. I had sent a message to you." The man sat down in his chair while talking. "But either it was not given to you, or it was ignored. In either case, you are testing my time and patience. You will find that I am lacking in both."

"I just got the message from Lt. Wyatt a few moments ago."

"Who? I had sent it my trusted source, Ensign Wynonna. She works in your intelligence department. We have been in contact for the last week. Ever since your Federation deemed me some sort of credible threat."

"Based off of our own scans and first hand information from the Wayne, are you disputing these facts?" Aurther retorted back, still trying piece together what was going on.

"I do, as it's based on faulty intelligence. As you can currently see, this ship I have now is not the same as that which has been attacking Federation assets..." Axelrod explained.

"Assets..." Winters thought in his mind, spoken like a true spook in regards to ships and people.

"That ship is very similar to this. In fact there are only two of them that have been created by the Romulan Star Empire. Both ships were stolen by rival factions split off from the Tal Shiar."

"That seems a little convenient." Aurther rebuffed to the facts.

"It would seem that way, but yet it is true. Experimental ships and weapons. Able to be crewed by a skeleton crew, one if need be. A prize target for groups that are strapped for manpower and resources."

"This doesn't explain the why."

"The why is sitting in front of you. For some reason, both of these factions seems to have the belief that I am some sort of time traveler."

"Time traveler?" Winters sounded almost to the point of annoyance. "You expect me, to believe that, after everything that we have been through."

"I understand that this is sounding a little, far fetched." tried to calmly explain.

"A little?" Aurther stood up from his seat. "You have offered me this wild theories and explanations to try and explain away our own data. I have not been given anything concrete to verify your story. I know that you did return Lt. Wyatt from his situation a few weeks ago, but that cannot excuse the allegations that are surrounding you now. Now, if you want to turn yourself in, and let the Federation process through your story I would recommend that you lower your shields and prepare to transport over to our ship."

"Oh Captain..." Axelrod let out a sigh, "You know I can't do that. I have no faith that the Federation has not been already infiltrated, and this ship, with it's abilities is too much for one government to have. I am going to have to politely decline. But you will find something in your ready room. I must be on my way, I know I am being hunted by more than one side." His head nodded slightly to the side, and the channel closed. The ship was already gone from sensors and the Chuck Norris sat alone in space again.

"Damn..." Winters muttered under his breath. "Commander G'ginloss you have the Conn."

"Aye sir!" The Klingon replied as he took over the command chair, with Winters making his way to his ready room to see what, evidence, Axelrod was going to supply.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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