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Fading Fast

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2020 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt & Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current

It had just been 3 days since Wyatt's last event. Things took a drastic turn as well. When All of a sudden Wyatt heard Axelrod's voice.

"Wyatt I know Winters is looking for me. Tell him to meet me at the rendezvous point. Which will be at Starbase 66. From there I will submit to his custody. The voice said. Wyatt there is one more thing. I tipped Starfleet to aid in the Romulan attack. They sent the Klingons."

Suddenly Wyatt felt dizzy, as if his mind was lost to a flood. Then he lost control of his legs. Followed by numerous other things. Wyatt knew that something was wrong. It was a feeling he had never experienced before. Looking down at his hands he was shocked and horrified to see them, almost phasing in and out of existence. He went to grab a chair to steady himself, but his hands went right through it, and he ended up in a heap on the ground. It felt like he was dying, he couldn't explain it.
He reached for him Comm badge, but again his hands couldn't physically touch it.

"Computer." he yelled, feeling it harder and harder to breath, his head was spinning, "Wyatt... Captain Winters... emergency, transfer of command." Wyatt shook his head and collapsed back on the ground. He could think about what he wanted to say, but his mouth couldn't follow suit. Again he tried to pick himself up, but now found that his legs now also phasing and he couldn't move them anymore. Frustrated he laid back down, unsure what to do. The sound of his door opening had his head turned. There was Winters, standing there and looking shocked in the state that he found Wyatt.

"The hell!?" Aurther exclaimed, one of the security officers looked in and screamed in horror. To the quick glance it looked like Wyatt had lost his arms and legs. Quickly Winters grabbed a tricorder off of Wyatt's desk and ran to him, hitting a half slide as he landed on his knees. He started to run scans on his downed officer, but also did not touch him. Unsure what exactly was happening with Wyatt. Aurther could see Wyatt struggling to breath, let alone speak, but he leaned in closer as he could barely hear the Lieutenant talk.

"Captain...Winters... find Axelrod on...Starbase 66. He's... waiting for you... I... I...." Wyatt said as he completely faded away.

Aurther stood up in disbelief, as a small migraine suddenly went through his head. Blinking his eyes a few times he shook his head and it disappeared.

"Is there something I can help you with Captain?" A voice called out. Aurther turned to see a ensign he did not recognize.

"I'm, I was just." Aurther looked around the room, which now seems different, and not the same when he entered. "What happened to Wyatt?"

"Who sir?" she said, almost looking as confused.

"Lieutenant Wyatt, he was just here, these are his quarters."

"I'm sorry sir, you may be mistaken, these belong to me. I've had them for the last year."

"The hell?"


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant (JG) John Wyatt
Chief Intelligence Officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris



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