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Finchley's baked cookies

Posted on Wed Dec 16th, 2020 @ 1:47am by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Timeline: After his conversation with Captain Winters


=Pibbs Stateroom=

As Balen sat and pondered the situation he found himself in. He came up with a hair brained idea to enlist some outside help.

"Computer, open a secure link to Lieutenant Finchley at Starbase 10."

The Computer opened a prompt. "Connected."

There he was face to face with his old rival Finchley.

"What do you want Pibb?" He said rather annoyed by the call.

Pibb just returned the lack of courtesy. "Do you remember Lieutenant John Wyatt from your time here on the Norris?"

Finchley looked even more annoyed than before. "Who the hell is John Wyatt?"

That confirmed Balens suspicions. "Well you should know. You spent an awful lot of time with him, while investigating the Romulans in our last and current mission."

Finchley was trying to ignore Balen but, continued to his amusement. "I have no idea who you're talking about and why would I bother entertaining you any further before I hang up?"

Pibb smiled. "Oh, my dear Finchley. That's not the question you should be asking yourself. Because, whats really gonna bake your noodle in the next five seconds is this. One, did I really go this far out if my way to pull your leg. Or two, is someone messing with your memories on something as serious as the Romulans and an ongoing investigation concerning these attacks."

Finchley was puzzled momentarily before Pibb saw the light bulb go off in Finchley's reaction.

"And...there it is. Let me know what ya find out, will ya." As Pibb broke the connection.


LCDR Balen Pibb, CoS
Uss Chuck Norris


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