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Something on my mind

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 4:58am by Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Ensign Awal Kronnelti

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Security & Tactical
Tags: Security, Bridge

After walking around the Chuck Norris realizing there is no Holodeck on the ship, Kronnelti heads to the Security & Tactical room and takes a seat to think to himself. ~How would one get sparing practice in without a holodeck~ Kronnelti thinks to himself, oh well he says as Kronnelti just sits there for a bit then remembers seeing another klingon on the bridge, so he gets up and sets out to the bridge to find Lt Commander G'ginloss.

"Continue search pattern Beta. Let's find out what that ship was and why it is no longer in our sight. We need to get past this area and find this ship already." Ech'am commanded as he had the bridge for the time being, seeing as the captain had business elsewhere for the time being. "Maintain yellow alert."

"Aye sir." G'odoss called out as he maneuvers through this barrier. The sound of the turbolift doors came and went as Ensign Kronnelti entered the bridge.

As Kronnelti enters the bridge he see's commander G'ginloss in the cpt's chair. As Kronnelti walks up to him he can't help but be amazed by how everybody is working in sync with G'ginloss, Kronnelti clears his throat sir I've noticed that there is no holodeck on the Norris, how am I supposed to train on my off time? As Kronnelti asks this a red alert comes up and now he's nervous holding onto the railing.

"G'odoss Evasive maneuver 15, once we get out of this belt. Pibb, status report, who are they and what do they want.

"Sir, no one is ansewering our hails, weapons are being armed and we are sitting ducks over here." Tactical called out. Just as G'odoss cleared us from the belt the whole ship could feel the shake as we dodged an incoming projetile.

"Raise shield, prepare to defend ourselves, G'odoss engage attack pattern Delta Zulu." G'ginloss told the pilot.

Shots continued to be fired in the ships direction, each hitting closer then 1 meter but no direct hits yet. Yet we had not fired upon the attacking ship just yet. The picture on the screen showed a smaller type of the ship we were after.

"Fire phasers, take out their weapons and shields." Hearing the thrum of the weapons firing warmed the klingons heart, he was ready to endure this battle, or win at all costs, so long as their ship remained maneuverable. The battle waged on, each ship evading and attacking, whoever was piloting that other ship was skilled.

"Change battle tactic team, Omega."

People for a split second froze, it almost seemed like time itself froze in that moment. You could almost see the breath and perspiration moving without moving. It was only when someone managed to stammer out an affirmative to the order that time seemed to move at a normal rate once again.

Sensors are picking up three ships decloaking off the starboard bow!

Lt Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
USS Chuck Norris


Ensign Awal Kronnelti
USS Chuck Norris


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