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Long Time Coming

Posted on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 2:04pm by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: A Few Hours Before "The Tail"

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Captain's Ready Room)

Wyatt's eyes darted and forth. Something big was coming. He knew that. Why else would he be sitting in the Captains office?

Nothing good. That was for sure. His heart was pounding. For a moment he felt numb. The time finally came when the doors opened behind him and he felt the presence of Captain Winters entered.
He did not speak a word at first, just taking a seat across from him. The two men stared at each for a little bit, trying to gauge each other before Aurther leaned forward and handed a PADD over to the Lieutenant Wyatt.

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, and I wish there was a better way to explain it, but Captain Jenkins is dead. He perished on the U.S.S. Wayne when it was destroyed 3 days ago in an unprovoked attack." Aurther saw the mans eyes widen, and even a small amount of tears start to form in the corners of them. He knew Wyatt could usually keep his emotions in check, but knowing what a mentor and close friend Captain Jenkins was to him, it was going to feel like a ton of bricks. "I know you have questions, but all I can give you right now is what's on that PADD. The investigation is still ongoing. What I can tell you, is that from the multiple accounts, he went down with the ship protecting her crew right up until the end. An honorable death no matter what species you are." With that he leaned back in his chair slightly and waited for everything to register with John.

Wyatt wasn't sure how to feel immediately. There were so many emotions building up quickly. Wyatt uncharacteristically went into his preset anger. "You'd better shut the hell up winters" Wyatt screamed as he grabbed his phaser from his waist.

Wyatt wasn't going to shoot Winters, nor did he. He was angry and as far as he was concerned he had lost everything.

Wyatt was quickly able to calm down. However on impulse he took off his badge and handed it to Winters as well as his phaser. "I cant be in Starfleet anymore I wish to be relieved of duty", Wyatt said as he ran to his quarters.

Winters sighed as his hands slowly reached over his desk picked up Wyatt's comm badge and phaser. The phaser itself was set to maximum stun. Wyatt's wild mood swing, even after his composure was to be expected, but not his full actions. He notified Doctor Tyjuuc via his comm panel that she should check in in the officer and asses his mental state. It was a message sent as he could not bring himself to say it out loud. Anger started to build up in his own self. Wyatt was his best option for understanding and possibly capturing Axelrod, and if he was unfit for duty, it was going to make their job a while lot harder.
Finally after a small amount of deliberation Winters knew he had to make a decision, and with that decision he tapped his comm badge.

"Winters to Pibb"

=/\= Pibb here, go ahead Sir =/\=

"Please send a security detail down to find Lt. Wyatt and have him confined to his quarters. He will only be allowed to leave under mine or Lt. Tyjuuc's authorization."
There was a slight pause before the reply back, Pibb sounded concerned, but was not going to question the Captain's orders.

=/\= Yes sir, it will be done immediately =/\=

"Thank you" Winters closed the comm line. Standing up and looking out his window he started to wonder if Wyatt was going to be a liability.

(6 hours later) Wyatt had already been in his quarters. When he was confined. At this point he had begun to asses what he had done. He had calmed down enough to speak about it.

Wyatt realized that winters was probably hurting emotionally as well. After all one of his own tried to kill him.

He decided he'd better try to contact winters. That is if winters was willing to talk.

Of course he didn't have his badge. So he would have to find another way to contact him. That way turned out to be Pibb. He was able to convince the security officer to contact Pibb, asking to speak to his fellow officer and please his case.

Almost immediately Winters came barging into his quarters. Wyatt could tell that Winters was upset, furious even, in that moment he tried to explain himself. "Captain, I just want to say I'm sorry. I know a simple apology such as this is not going to justify my actions. I don't expect it to. However there is something I need to tell you". Wyatt stopped, and cleared his throat. He had something he wanted to get off his chest for awhile now, but never was able to find the proper place or time. "I've kept it a secret for so long. Truth is Jenkins was a mentor and a friend but you are so much more. From the moment I joined I saw you as a role model. The very definition of Starfleet. I admire you captain." Wyatt ended, feeling a weight lifted off his chest. His eyes drifted to the deck, and then back to Captain Winters. He had hoped to see his smiling face, and that compassion that he had associated with his friend and Captain. However a small chill went up his spin, as Winters stared at the man, with a more serious face then he was used too. He could see that there was a small amount of sympathy in his eyes, but the rest of his body screamed business. Aurther let out a small sigh, rubbing both his eyes in frustration, and then crossing his arms to address the Lieutenant.

"Lieutenant Wyatt, I am ordering you confide to your quarters. I respect you as a friend and a follow officer, but if it was any other man, I would have you in the brig. I am also ordering a full psychological profile on you. Since the original incident with Axelrod, you have been, not yourself. Nothing could be more evident of that then pulling a weapon on your commanding officer. I wanted to tell you earlier that it was Axelrod that was responsible for Captain Jenkins death, and I need you. You have insight that I know no one else has. You've bonded with him, and I thought you could get into his head, but right now I need you to find yours." The mood in Wyatt's quarters had swung widely around. He had not had such a dressing down since his time in the academy, but he knew it was deserved.

"Yes sir." Wyatt sheepishly acknowledged. With the end of that statement, Captain Winters spun 180 degrees and made his way back to the door to the quarters. Wyatt felt 2 feet shorter, and his shoulders felt like weights, bring him down closer to the floor. His head looked back up as Winters let out a cough to get Wyatt's attention.

"On a personal note... I understand where you're coming from, and how the last few months have been hard on you. If there is something wrong, you need to come to me. Not just as your Captain, but as your friend. We will work to get through this. As a courtesy, I will leave this off of your record. Please see the doctor as soon as you can. I need you John, more than I have before." With that, Aurther shot him a small smile and left his room, passing by the two security officers stationed outside of it.

What Winters said was true, to be honest Wyatt didn't know what was wrong. He had more and more of an impulsive then before. Almost like he was blacking out.

Now Axelrod? Wyatt felt he had begun to piece who he was, or so he thought. The death of Jenkins could've been Axelrod's fault. Right?

Didn't matter for the time being. Wyatt had to have a psychological evaluation. Which beyond the fact Winters ordered it, Wyatt agreed was a good idea. Wyatt got angry yes but to pull a phaser oh his idol? No that wasn't him.

Something was off. Wyatt almost began to wonder if the Romulans did something to him. After all one did touch him.

Regardless he knew what he had to do, and as Picard says he, "Make it so."


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding officer


Lieutenant John Wyatt
Chief intelligence officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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