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Posted on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 4:00am by Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss & Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Ensign Jack Keegan

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: SB10 Flight Simulator and Engineering
Timeline: 4 Days Ago

Lieutenant G'odoss and his brother Lieutenant Commander G'ginloss have gotten close since they found out they were brothers and like every family, they don't like to share things even if it's sharing crewmen with each of there departments
And Ensign Keegan will be caught in the middle of this Sibling Rivalry.

"Ensign Keegan Please Report to holodeck
For your flight training ." Lieutenant G'odoss says

=^=On my way=^=, the Ensign replied as he tapped his combadge.

Lt Commander G'ginloss just finished up the last tweaks on the Norris engines. Having done some frustrating work he needed to take it out on one of his programs in the holodeck. First though since he was doing this in his off duty time he got into his workout clothes. Tights that showed the curves and ripples in his body. The last time someone made fun of his attire was also the last time anyone on the star base did so.

He passed a few people along the way, had a few casual conversations and even ran across a new Klingon that was passing by. He must have been working on something as he passed by with little notice outside of his thoughts. Getting to the holodeck he noticed a program running already. "G'odoss 15, looks like someone had an idea. Pulling out his bat'leth he entered the deck.

"Brother, what brings you here?" He said as he began to swing his bat'leth in a warmup routine.

Nothing just showing show the kid how a real Starfleet officer does things around here,

"Perhaps the brother needs to learn who the real master of fighting is. Myself, as I have yet to be defeated. You will be yet another win on my belt dear brother." Ech'am deftly maneuver his bat'leth as he prepares to engage in this fight.

As they fought, they yelled back and forth "The ensign needs to be at the helm!"

"No he needs to be in engineering."

"No flight controls"

"No engineering."

"No fight controsls"

"No engineering!"

"No flight controls!"

"No engineering!"

"No flight controls!"

"No engineering"

"Ok! you win engineering!" G'odoss moved out of way of brothers swing, the sudden movement sent him crashing into the wall. G'odoss could then assess the injuries to his brother, noting that the man had a large gash in his arm. G'odoss calmly tapped his comm badge, "G'odoss to sickbay, Chief Engineer G'ginloss is hurt in holodeck 8." Suddenly Ensign Keegan walks in and see the XO in pain G'odoss walks out and says "Ensign Keegan your needed in Engineering."
"hajajajhahahab" with a loud Klingon Laugh "Meet ya for drinks later Brother", G'odoss said as he walked out with the feeling of battle victory. G'ginloss yells back "Yeah, same time same place."


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