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Station keeping: Medical

Posted on Sat Nov 28th, 2020 @ 9:11pm by Lieutenant Tyjuuc & Cadet Sophomore Grade Xun Wu & Cadet Sophomore Grade Yijun Wu

Mission: Not Where I Belong


Cadet's Wu was on Starbase 10 the ship was due to leave in half an hour they spent their time back on the Chuck Norris stuck in Sickbay the with Vulcan who didn't like fun just total perfection everything had to be cleanly sorted in a certain way if she found it not in the way she would often throw it at you. Very illogical but he would say. "When working with apes you too have to devolve." But now it was about the twin's brothers serving in the same department under the same boss.

They both were walking around the shopping district pointing at different shops to window shop at and teasing each over of their love interests when people walked past. "He looks like your type Xun," Yijuin said hinting to a male human in their 20's to mid-'30s.

"Shut up Yij." Xun said trying not to giggle but with a smile. "We're Starfleet officers... Besides if we were reported Tyjuuc would throw more things at us."

"Haha you right she's already 'devolved' like us," Yijun said while looking at his right and walking past Witchcraft shop. "Oooo." He said kinda sounding like a ghost.

Xun shook his head. "What is it with you and dating witchs... Fine if it shuts you up." He said entering the shop.

"I always get my way," Yijuin said exploring the shop.

"I think there's a cafe just down the lane." Xun said leaning up against the door.

Yijuin continued to explore the shop from front to back. No one was in but that suited him just fine. He loved witchcraft from its history to the welsh village wichs name meant Valley of the witches in Welsh.

"Computer time." Asked Xun.

"The time is 06:40." The computer answered.

"Came on better not be late I don't want to see that side of a Vulcan... Bet she shows fags and spits poison." Xun said motioning to the door.

The twins stepped in sickbay. Looking around it was the busiest they had ever seen even during training back at the Acdmney on Earth.

Tyjuuc came flying towards. "People need their medical Xun take beds 1 to 2 I'll take 2 to 4. Yijuin... Make small talk with something and standby. Let's do this." Order Tyjuuc

There wasn't a disease going through the ship mostly just officers who had an acidnet performing their duties this was a Defiant Class and not a Galaxy Class but the tiny med bay was perfect with the right amount of staff. Plus new officers that needed their medical examination because they had been transferred this was again the twins time to show Tyjuuc what they're made of.

Lieuteant Tyjuuc
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris

Cadet Sophomore Grade Xun Wu
Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris

Cadet Sophomore Grade Yijun Wu
USS Chuck Norris


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