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I might be sick

Posted on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 7:27am by Lieutenant Tyjuuc & Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Sick Bay of ship docked

Lieutenant Go'doss stumbles into med bay door nearly falling over his tall stature and muscular body nearly falling to the floor "help me " he cry's out

Tyjuuc leanded over her desk seeing a Hybrid on the floor clutching his stomach. "Name." She asked

He could barely speak but got out the words."I am Lieutenant G'odoss the 2XO and Chief Flight Controls Officer "blah goes the hybrid literally blowing chucks all over the Vulcans Blue uniform .

Luckily Tyjuuc moved back just in time before the vomit could hit. She came around the desk, grabbed J'goss by the arm dragging him across the floor to biobed 1 since she was Vulcan and they have x5 more strength than a human it was a walk in the pack. "Stay." She commanded to the hybrid who laid next to the biobed. She returned later with a hypospray and a phaser pistol attached to her hip. She knelt down and injected what was in the hypospray into the hybrid. Placing her hand on the phaser. "You will remain there for 30 minutes Lieuteant." She said. "This will be recorded and reported anything else?"

Thirty minutes had passed Grabbing his head J'goss looked around not know where he was quickly grabs his d'k tahg he had in his boot "where am I how did I get here" he said with a roarish type growl in his voice waving the d'k tahg around

Tyjuuc was hovering over him when he came around. "My sickbay you entered using your legs via the door." She said phaser still attached to her hip.

J'goss starting to feel a little better says "you got anything for a headache I need to get back on the bridge"

"Yes... Just not for a Ferengi Klingon Human hybrid." Tyjuuc said. "I belive the Captain wishes to see you about punishment," Tyjuuc said.

The Klingon replied "why would I get punished Lieutenant what one does of duty he can't be punished for now can he a little hang over won't effect my proformance as a officer now will it . "

"You dishonour yourself," Tyjuuc said turning around. "... It is against regulations to consume alcoholic beverages on a Federation Starship." She sat down at her desk looking at G'odoss, Tyjuuc command. "Leave or I'll have to use force." Withdrawing the phaser from her hip and placing it on the table still applying pressure to it.

"I did not consume the alcohol on the ship any way Lieutenant it was on sb10 " G'odoss replied with a snarl gowling athority

"I will not order again," Tyjuuc said picking up the phaser and aiming it at J'goss. "Leave." She commanded.

"All right Lieutenant but remember out side this med bay I outrank you "G'odoss says as he backs out the door

"Correct... Outside when you take acting command I am your First Officer." Tykuuc said holding the phaser.

Lieuteant Tyjuuc
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss
Chief Flight Control Officer & Second Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


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