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As Cold as Ice

Posted on Sat Nov 28th, 2020 @ 7:13pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris, Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

OFF: Sorry for being MIA for a bit, had some real life stuff going on.

ON: (Starbase 10 - Winters Officer)

The doors to the office opened just as Aurther slide through the opening, tilting his body sideways allowed him to enter a little faster, and he was still in a hurry. Leaving Commander G'ginloss to get the ship ready to depart the Starbase only gave Winters a short time to gather what he needed. He flipped his way through the PADD's on his desk until he found the two he knew he needed. He also grabbed his new favorite mug. It was a gift from his brother, a hand made ceramic mug with a small family logo and a secondary logo on it. Two hockey sticks with a pick between him. It was a nice reminder of his two favorite things, his family, and the sport he loved to play. However second one was put more on the sidelines due to the lack of a holodeck on the Chuck Norris. His personal phaser was the last item he tossed into his small brief case before heading back to the ship, again slipping out of the office doors at his side and fast walking to the ship.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge - Docked in Starbase 10)

The doors to the bridge opened, as Winters made his way to where he knew he was needed the most. His eyes glanced over to the back of the bridge to see Pibb, Ryoko and Riley working on the holographic table. Having dropped off his belongings into his cabin entering the bridge he took his seat. Without speaking a word or even a small greeting his went straight to verifying the logs, requests and personnel. Sitting silently and looking through his works cause an uneasy feeling that was being left through the bridge crew. Usually more of a social talker, and warm person, Winters was not giving off exactly what his last named would imply. It was a feeling of distance and coldness and it made one or two people have a small shiver head up their spins.

"Status report Commander G'ginloss." Finally Aurther's voice resonated through the deck.

"All crew accounted for, and the ship is operating at full efficiency. We are ready to depart whenever the word is given." the Klingon replied back, as he walked over to Winters handing him another PADD. Winter's eyes fell to the empty Conn chair.

"And that brother of yours?" Almost on cue as G'ginloss was about to explain his brothers whereabouts, Lt. G'odoss entered the bridge as he was just finishing zipping up his uniform.

"I'm here and taking my station." G'odoss announced as he sat at his chair, spinning it slightly to face the view screen.

"Well the word is given, take us out Mister G'odoss."

"Sir." Lt. Kerr interjected, "The Xander is reporting that they are not ready to depart yet. Should we wait for them?"

Without hesitation the Captain shot back, "No time to wait, they can catch up when they are ready. Helm, 1/2 impulse, take us out."

"Captain... 1/4 impulse is..." the helmsman tried to reason.

"I'm aware of my orders Lieutenant, 1/2 impulse. Lt. Kerr, please inform Starbase Operations of our departure. Aurther now stood up and walked around the bridge, checking the console at each station to verify their operational order. As he did Commander G'ginloss followed behind him, showing him in a way.

"Starbase Operations has acknowledged. We are cleared to depart." There was a slight pause, "However they have noted out excess speed while in Starbase."

"Make a note in the log. Helm, once we are clear of the doors, set course, 034 mark 119, maximum warp. Commander G'ginloss, Lt. Kerr and Lt. Pibb, I want to see you in my office now." With that Winters checked his PADD and exited the bridge in a hurry.
The tone had been set through the bridge, and possibly the ship that something was going on, something that was striking a personal cord with Captain Winters, but no one knew exactly what it was. As they took time to process everything, and have their own thoughts, the Chuck Norris cleared the Starbase and disappeared in a shimmering glow of blue as she warped out of the system.

OFF: What's going on? What's everyone doing? Let's find out! We are on route to our patrol sector, probably should take us a day to get there, so lets see what everyone is doing.

Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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