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Intel Report and Goodbyes

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 7:57pm by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Lieutenant Finchley Kerr

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Hey guys, just want to hash out a JP between us, as we work out what is going on.

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Captain's Ready Room)

The space was tight in the ready room. A smaller room because of the size of the ship, it could fit 3 officers comfortably. 4 meant they were a little on top of each other. There was an uncomfortable silence as Captain Winters had not even looked up to acknowledge each officer yet after they entered. His eyes were darting back and forth reading. A few sips of his hot chocolate before he put down his mug and PADD, facing his team.

"I want to hear your theories gentlemen." He stated leaning back in his chair, making himself more comfortable.

Pibb excused himself and let Riley and Ryoko continue to sift through the logs and reports. He knew something had to be there, something simple, some obvious, something someone had missed. But, as Balen neared the door, he seemed to be one of the first ones in the small ready room and managed to find a seat. As Balen waited patiently for the other two officers to file in.

"Well, you know my thoughts and my recommendations Sir" Finchley said "but you dismissed them, so now you'll have to rely upon what these officers suggest to you" he finished.

Winters looked over at his Chief Operations Officer, and almost felt there was a small swipe at him for just not going with his initial plan, and while he was open to criticism at most times, he felt this was not the time for it, nor was it the place. "I didn't just dismiss your thoughts and recommendations outright Lieutenant. I based them on the available information and understanding that I had at the time. Now you may have your own intel sources, and you know them, but I don't know them, nor could I stand up and vouch for them blindly. What you asked for, would have required approval well beyond what I could get here, and given the political and hostile situation we are currently dealing with, I could not see them approving it. I will say, if push comes to shove, I may not be against them. However, that is under the assumption we were working alone, not with a task force. Elements and the situation have changed from hearsay, to concrete elements we must follow. If your position has not changed, I still take your recommendations and plans under advisement as I would any officers. It would just be my hope that perhaps a different outlook would yield different results."

The newly promoted XO followed in next. In the short time he had he reviewed his duties to the crew, captain, and the ship. It was a much longer lost, on top of his duties as the chief engineer. It was a large plate to balance, but one he could do. Noticing the other chair remained empty, he decided he would remain standing.

"Captain, there was a sensor readout that was retrieved before the full destruction of the U.S.S. Wayne. It seems a small gravitational pull was sensed immediately prior to the ship decloaking. However, those has not been fully confirmed. I’ll have results to you before long." G'ginloss said to his captain. "However earlier you mentioned to me how you have seen this ship once before. Would you elaborate on this." The Klingon was more direct with this question as the information Winters has on this subject may be of intrinsic value on this current mission.

"Well, no stone should be left unturned. Would you care to give us a brief recap Lieutenant?" As Pibb was curious to see if any of his theories matched Finchley's. "As for myself, I'd hoped to find something in the logs or debris that was missed. Better yet, to find a motive as clearly they have the means. As, they don’t follow any typical patterns of piracy. Although, it would be interesting if you had any contacts who could give us intel from the Syndicate. There has to be a trafficker of information willing to make a deal."

Finchley chose to ignore the Security Officer, if he wanted Intel, he could forge his own links to get that sort of information. It'd taken Finchley years of back breaking, gutter sniping, shit taking and buildup of trust to get into the position of reasonable trust he was in now, there was no way he was going throw all that away on what... a whim it could possibly be piracy. There was also no way he was going to risk any of them falling fowl to the Syndicate either.

Being Betazoid Pibb could tell he knew why more than he was letting on. "Nice to know were all on the same team Lieutenant," as he hopped the sneer and sarcasm went well noticed.

"Kiss mine you bell end" Finchley replied, without looking round.

Pibbs only response was to rub is eye with his middle finder while Kerr was looking.

“There is no point in trying to keep all of this information to myself. G’ginloss, I did mention that I had seen this ship before, and in fact we all have. During our war games, that ship confronted us on route. It was only thanks to Lt. Wyatt’s, misguided, but selfless act of transporting over to the ship that the Chuck Norris was able to stay undamaged from that encounter. There will be logs and sensor scans from that day, and I want them run against that of the U.S.S. Wayne. On a gut instinct though, the configuration and colour scheme of that Romulan ship was unique. I would say the odds of having two of them so close together is not in the realm of impossibility, but highly unlikely.”

“So, this is the Romulans. Attacking and engaging in piracy?” G’ginloss sounded almost confused with the situation.

“Well, these takes a turn slightly, and now directly ties to the Chuck Norris. Wyatt was able to escape thanks to a traitor on that shup. Axelrod.” Winters saw some eyes open, and attention was now being drawn more.

"Ah yes, Mr. Axelrod. If I remember correctly he's still wanted by Federation authorities. I do wonder if he still controls that ship." Balen had said rather subtle.

“Well regardless of your personal feelings, he was able to save Wyatt’s life, and took over that ship. The last we saw it; it was still under his control and command. He was able to escape from the Chuck Norris once, and I let him go the second time. Now, with the attacks and destruction of the Wayne, I can’t help but feel that this blood is now on my hands through inactions. I have a feeling that Starfleet has not been able to piece all this together, but I think we will. This is why I wanted the Norris to be able to respond so fast and first. If given the chance, and this is Axelrod attacking the Federation, and I want to make sure there is no hesitation in his capture, or destruction should he leave me no choice. I have shown him humility and mercy, based on Lt. Wyatt’s testimony, but my generosity only extends so far.” Aurther took another sip from his hot drink, wetting his throat from his long speech he felt he just gave.

Finchley's COMM badge chirruped, and he tapped it, opening the link "I'm in a meeting, can't this wait?" he asked annoyedly.

"This is Ensign Wilcox on the Chuck Norris Lieutenant" a voice replied back "my apologies for the interruption during your meeting, but you've got a priority one message from Starfleet Intelligence, it's Admiral Sheering."

Turning to the Captain Finchley said "My apologies Captain, I'll need to excuse myself and take this" he added, moving to the door and stepping outside the room.

Several minutes later, he re-entered the room moved to where Captain Winters was and said "I've just been recalled by Admiral Sheering to Starfleet Intelligence Sir, with immediate effect. A priority one recall message has just been sent to you as well by the Admiral himself. I'm sorry this is such short notice, but a rather serious situation has occurred and my squad and I have been reactivated to deal with it. Thank you for the short time I've served with you all here on the USS Chuck Norris, I wish you every success with the upcoming mission."

With that, he drew himself up to attention, nodded to the Captain, about turned and left for the Chuck Norris to gather his belongings.

"Well... that was unusual. Regardless, Commander, keep checking over the sensor data from the Wayne. See if it corresponds with our data and make any sort of extrapolations on where there ships could be, or how to find it. As for you Lieutenant, hold back for a moment, we need to have a discussion."


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
Executive Officer


Lieutenant Balen Pibb
Chief Security/Tactical Officer


Lieutenant Finchley Kerr
Chief Operations Officer (Reassigned)

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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