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Random Boredom

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 4:28pm by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant John Wyatt
Edited on on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 6:53pm

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: Holodeck Starbase 10
Timeline: A Few Days Ago

Off: Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy with other things. Anyways let's just hop on in shall we?

On: Wyatt was the literal definition of Confused. Something about Axelrod wasn't right. Sure Wyatt trusted him but something was off. Wyatt needed a distraction.

This was, of course, a federation starship so obviously, there were ways. He decided to have some fun in the holodeck.

He quickly left his quarters. Into the hall. Where he happened to bump into the captain. "Oh, Hi Captain' Wyatt said as he walked away. Moments later he had a feeling to tell him. To tell him about his secret admiration of him.

He quickly ran back. "Captain I-Uhm-Uhm am going to the holodeck can you join?" Wyatt stumbled. He just couldn't bring himself to mention it. He didn't know why either

"The holodeck? What did you have in mind?" Aurther looked at the time, he was still off duty for awhile, and knew he could fit in a bit of time for fun. His physical activities had increased since the Chuck Norris had been docked back at the Starbase, but that was just a lot of long runs through the decks, and a bit of weight lifting in the gym, a little fun would be what the doctor ordered. Probably not Lieutenant Tyjuuc, but a doctor that might take things a little less serious.

"I hadn't decided yet." Wyatt answered, "Thought I would get there and see what kind of programs tickle my fancy."

"I'm not one to say no to enjoying the ammonites of the Starbase, once we get back out there again and don't have them, we will definitely miss them. Lead the way." Aurther motioned and followed Wyatt to the nearest turoblift and down to the the first open holodeck.

"There's a lot of available programs available. I really like this one captain." The program was titled New York Ghost adventure. And it was the literal definition of Ghostbusters.

"Interesting, that is some sort of program, base on a type of media from the earlier 20th century called Film and Television. I mean it looks like it has something to do with our time." Aurther had been scanning over the available information that he could read on the computer screen. "They use something called a photon pack."

"I think it's, proton, pack, sir."

Aurther moved in a little closer and checked his reading. "You are right, proton pack, to catch ghosts? These seems, very much full of fun and fantasy."

"And I did see how you were doing a bit of a workout. From what I've been able to determine, these pack are about 50 pounds. A good light jog with them would kill that need for exercise and fun all at once."

With that compelling argument, Aurther agreed, keying in the final sequence and loading the program in the holodeck.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant John Wyatt
Chief Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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