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Brothers Of Command

Posted on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 8:48am by Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss & Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

Mission: Not Where I Belong
Location: 10 - foward
Tags: Captain Winters , XO G'ginloss, 2XO G'odoss

As G'odoss heard the Captain announcement that he was the new 2XO He is happy although he really wanted the XO position. He knew his brother deserved it, but him being the eldest he thought for sure he would get the position, he then sat back and thought even more. Ech'am had been on the ship longer and know captain a little better. G'odoss waited for his brother at the starbase bar, order 2 klingon blood wines, one for him one for Ech'am to celebrate their victories.

After finishing up with Wyatt you could see the chief engineer walking around the station. Wondering aimlessly with no real destination in mind. He had a few bruises, cuts and blood on his face and body. Yet he has a smile worth the time spent in that fight. Wyatt, for a human had a strength about him he had not seen in some time. It was a fight for the story book of a Klingons life. One of honor and remarkable tales. That fight ended up making him hungry again so he figured a drink and some food was in order.

Turning into one of the bars he ended up seeing his brother with two drinks in front of him. Assuming one was for him he walked over, grabbed the drink and slugged it down. "Bartender, another bloodwime, and a bowl of Gagh.

G"odoss", yells at his brother in a loud Klingon voice .
"What makes you think that just because you are my younger brother, and the ships XO that you are now entitled to everything" slaps him on back with a loud Klingon Laugh " of course it's yours" then yells at bartender "make it double"

Aurther had just finished up his time in the holodeck with Wyatt and was making his way back to his quarters on the Starbase. However he stopped when he saw two Klingons waving at him. He had just caught them out of the corner of his eye. He made his way to the two of them and sat down next to them. "So how my new command team doing?"

"We are doing great blood wine for the Captain Hell make it three he has some catching up to do" said G'odoss as they both slapped him on the back like they would each other both drunker then a skunk . "Tomarrow we work today we celebrate" yelled G'odoss

A waitress handed a glass of blood wine to Winters, who looked down at it end pondered through it's colour and texture for a few moments.

"What's the problem?" G'ogoss yeled out, "Not up to your standard? Or would it be far to harsh on your little human belly?" The Klingons let out a guttural laugh. As there hands came back down for their joy, the site of Winters finishing up the drink and wiping the last few drops from his lips greeted them.

"I've been around a bit there, I was just making sure it was a good year. I'm not just going to drink any old blood wine." He handed the glass off to G'ginloss. "Now enjoy yourself you two, but not too much. I need to get some work done in my office. If you need me, you know where to find me." With that, Aurther nodded and let out a small belch before exiting the bar and making his way off to his office.

Ech'am ordered some roast targ with the captain leaving. To be xo, it felt good. A small celebration, well second was nice. To get to know his half brother was indeed a good task as any for this short rest before the next mission.

"So, brother, we have a mystery to eventually solve. How it truly is that you came to be and what happened in that our mother had to send you away. I will send her a coded message informing her of this discovery so that we can solve this quickly and quietly." Ech'am told his brother.

"Yes I would like that because I know she had to be a good woman cause she raised a good man" J'doss repied


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