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Walker 3-6-0

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 4:16am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Well that was an unexpected twist!

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"Give me a visual." Winters commanded as the Chuck Norris entered the Turrer star system at half impulse. The view screen flicked from the stars to two Starfleet ships. "You're telling me those are not what they actually are?" Aurther looked back at G'ginloss.

"Correct Captain, I am not sure how, but I have seen and heard about this before. They are using false encoded data to trick our sensors into seeing two Federation starships. However, the power output, the warp and impulse signatures are not running within normal Starfleet parameters. My best guess is that they are hostile. My slight assumption, is perhaps Romulan." G'ginloss continued to check over his readings to make sure he was correct.

"Weapons and defensive systems?"

"We have shields and the ablative armor. We are still working on on the phasers and torpedoes, my crews might be able to get you something...", the man paused and then looked over at Captain Winters, "Soon...?"

"Soon will have to do."

"The two ships are now entering weapons range." Pibb announced.

"Reroute all auxiliary power to the forward deflectors and shields. We may not have weapons yet, but they will have to lock us down. Mr. Collier, accelerate to full impulse, attack pattern Sierra 4. Try to get in close and keep between the two ships. If they want to fire at us, they better hit us or they will hit each other. I hope that maybe a small deterrent."

Collier smiled, secretly even though this had gone from a war game, to actual life and death, the thrill and excitement was what he had been craving for days. "Aye sir, getting all up in the faces." The doors to the bridge flung open as a new Ensign entered. "Ensign Bailey reporting for duty! Sorry, I didn't realize that I was assigned the the helm!"

"That's fine Ensign, take your station quickly, Collier, get to the second tactical station, we will need it." Each man sprung up and quickly sat down at their posts.

The Chuck Norris rolled and dodged as incoming disrupter fire came across her bow and surrounded her on all side. A few quick jukes and now the small Federation ship had gotten in far to close for these larger ships to deal with. Normally a Saber and a Steamrunner class ship would be able to keep up with a Defiant class, but they seemed slower and sluggish. However the firepower that was being directed at the small ship was nothing to flinch at.

"Shields down to 78%!." Pibb called out as the ship rocked back and forth.

"Mr. Bailey, I hope you can do a little better." Winters remarked checking over his tactical display.

"I'm doing my best sir!" the helmsman said back, "But it's a lot of weapons fire to dodge, some of it is bound to get through."

"I have the shields holding." G'ginloss reported, "And weapons are still soon."

"Not soon enough. Helm, evasive pattern, Beta 5. Try to get these ships further apart, to try spread their fire over a larger distance. Rotate axis 90 degrees and get us under them as you go. Collier, any idea who they are?"

"I'm going to say from the data we have, they are not Romulan. Their power levels and impulse readings are more in line with... well... Ferengi?" Collier sounded almost perplexed at the end of his statement, he rechecked the data again and agreed. The ship shuddered and the crew bounced slightly as a direct hit struck the Norris, sparks shot out from the ceiling causing a few people to cover their faces.

"Direct hit to deck 4, section 3. EPS conduits in that section have been ruptured. I have a damage control party on route." said G'ginloss

Pibb chimed in again, "Shields now down to 56% and falling."

"Damn..." Aurther looked down again as his tactical display. He saw that one of the ships was pursuing the Chuck Norris while the other was defending the planet. A few quick battle simulations played through his mind and he remembered a crazy enough idea to try, but he had to hope that the weapons would be online in time. "Alright, I'm through playing this game. Helm, bring us around, 180 mark 0. Take us right back to the planet, and make sure that one ships continues to stay on our 6. Try to keep them out out effective weapons range as best you can. G'ginloss, I need those weapons now, and we it won't matter about the shields. Lt's Pibb and Collier, each chose one vessel and do your best to mark the best points to strike on them. I want quantum torpedoes in the chambers, ready to fire on my command." Aurther stood up and looked around with a power and authority that he had not shown the crew since he had taken command of the Chuck Norris.
The Chuck Norris spun around a few times before dipping down and then double backing on it's course. It flew just under the ship that was in pursuit coming within 50 meters of the ship, the ships passed so close to each other that their shields glowed as the two bubbles hit each other. That ships slowly turned around and continued the pursuit of the Norris. However now the ship was positioned and weaving around enough that the two enemy ships were now firing on each other.

"Done!" G'ginloss yelled in excitement. "We have weapons...", the engineer trailed off again.

"I sense a but coming." Aurther turned to see what concessions he would have to make for this firepower.

"We are pretty sure everything is working correctly, but there is a chance that bypassing the main weapons array to power them up might cause the system to have a catastrophic feedback pulse."


"Meaning Captain that when we fire, we might blow out the entire system."

"Got it..." Aurther leaned back forward in his chair again, one hand running through his options for attack, the other checking over the sensor overlay of the Norris and it's surroundings.

"Shields down to 27%, should we return fire now?" Lt. Pibb asked, his hand already hovering over the fire button. His eyes making a momentary lock with Lt. Collier, the two anxious to return the favor that had been given to them from the two hostile ships.

"Negative, hold fast. If we only have one chance to fire then I don't want to waste it. Helm, full impulse, stop playing games and just charge directly at the ship guarding the planet."

"Aye sir, course locked in." Bailey's hand quickly changed the direction of the Chuck Norris as he increased the speed to full impulse.

"Alright then... now, when we are within 500 meters of the enemy ship Mr. Bailey, execute attack pattern, Walker... 3...6...0." Aurther verified the pattern and looked up at the helmsman. Who glanced back almost confused.

"Walker 3-6-0? I'm not that familiar with that."

"Just punch it in Ensign, it's a preset attack pattern. Just be sure to recover to manual when it's done."

"Yes sir, Walker 3-6-0, on your orders." Bailey punched in the maneuver and awaited the order.

"Tactical, on my order, fire all weapons, prepare to split fire along all axis." the Captain commanded.

"Sir, I think I have some information on these ships. If they are Ferengi birds of prey, I know a little weakness under the left wing, their shields are not as strong and if a quantum torpedo could get through it would either cripple of destroy the ship." The helmsman noted before sending the information to tactical.

"I will have to question how you know that at another time." The ship rocked heavily again, some of the bridge crew was almost sent flying from their stations but were able to hold on. Throughout the ship however other crew we not as lucky as they were thrown into walls and bulkheads.

"Shields have buckled!" Pibb yelled over the sound of small explosions sending sparks throughout the bridge.

"Casualties reported on deck 3 and 4, sickbay responding." Riley reported.

"Ablative armor?" Winters questioned.

"Still there, but burning away. I'm not sure how much more we can take!"

"Sir, we are 500 meters!" Bailey yelled trying to get everyone's attention.

"EXCECUTE!" Winters screamed as he grabbed the command chair and held on.

The Chuck Norris suddenly slowed down, which cause the majority of the incoming fire from both ships to miss, however some blasts were still able to hit their targets. However, the small Defiant class ship unleased it's full firepower of Phaser Cannons, phasers and quantum torpedoes into the first ship. At that range it was no match, and the phasers blasted through the shields helping the blue torpedoes strike their target, causing the ships to shudder, it's lights flicker and start to drift away down towards the planet.
This caught the pursuing ship completely by surprise as the Norris fired quantum torpedoes out of the aft of the ship, pounding the shields of the alien ship. To the surprise and horror of the crew, somehow the Norris had turned itself around to be facing them while still heading towards the planet it would could only be described as a roundhouse kick maneuver. Again for the second time the ship opened up with a full volley of weapons, and again, the alien ship took more than it could handle. Since it took more damage than the first, as the last torpedo struck the ship under the wing, there was a series of small explosions before the entire ships was caught up in a fireball and turned into nothing but debris and bodies.
As the Chuck Norris finished it's 360 turn, Bailey took control of the helm again. The stress of the maneuver in the state of the Chuck Norris cause her to give herself damage. Throughout the ships EPS relays exploded sending crew down to the ground, some caught in explosion in engineering were sent flying through the air from their consoles. On the bridge anyone who was standing was now on the ground and most that were at their consoles ended up striking them with their faces. Bailey was able to have the small ships just graze the damaged Ferengi bird of prey as they flew by. Some small parts of the hall left both ships and floated through the emptiness of space.

There was a small calm of silence in the bridge before a sound was finally heard, "Report?" Winters asked looking around at the damage.

"Helm still online, however we only have 1/4 impulse and some thrusters. Warp offline." Bailey checked through his systems.

"Tactical is down, all systems seem to be gone. The systems fried." Pibb let out a deep breath, "However one enemy target destroyed, the other disabled."

"Multiple injuries on all decks, half of the power system is blow throughout the ship. I honestly don't know how we are here." Riley smiled though, happy to still be alive and in one piece.

"It's because of my teams, however Captain I have reports of, damage down in engineering, I need to go."

"Go Lieutenant, we have it up here." Winters stood up and surveyed the damage, he knew it was going to be his back end on the line for all of this, but he remembered what Wyatt had told him about the Romulans and the need to get the VIP. "Helm, set best course for the planet. Mr. Pibb and Collier..." The two men looked back at Winters, noting that he had a small stream of blood running down the side of his face and some black marks on the other. "Get ready the shuttle, and prepare to launch the Hazard team."

"Yes sir!" Collier yelled, unable to control his excitement.

"I can't believe that worked..." Aurther muttered under his breath, with a slight grin. "Alright, I need a full damage report, we need to be as operational as we can incase we get anymore company!" his orders rang throughout the bridge.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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