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Con's Medical check-up

Posted on Sun Oct 18th, 2020 @ 11:20pm by Lieutenant Tyjuuc & Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss
Edited on on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 7:26am

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: Medical Bay

Doctor Tyjuuc start at her desk in the corner of the medical bay filling and reading about medical projects that had started on Earth. She had on her standard blue uniform and a light pink lab coat she sat under the light looking like a goddess until someone stepped into Sickbay.

Ensign Bailey. Being new to ship had to go to sick for an annual routine check up when he saw her. Doctor Tyjuuc. Was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen he knew not pursue her do to rank and and also he also knew she would never look her way due to husband back on vulcan plus he felt she could never love a Ferengi/Klingon/human hybrid like himself. He thought to him self what should i do

Tyjuuc stopped her work and looked up at the hybrid and spoke softly. "Can I help?"

Yes Lt. I am here for routine check up

Tyjuuc motioned to a biobed. "What's your name." She asked getting up and around her desk and towards where the medical tricorder. Her pink lab coat swaying as she walked.

Esign Raymond Bailey but my friends call me TheBoss. Long story i know u dont have time for. His ❤ pounding staring at how beautiful she was. Tells her what he knows of his back story. And. How he was raised on Romulus by romulans he felt abandoned by his parents

She bent down to pick a tricorder up she turned to face 'the boss' and she walked towards opening the tricorder. "I'm Doctor Tyjuuc... Fresh out from the Academy?" She asked

Yes But am highly trained on all three birds of prey Ferengi Klingon and Romulan also number 1 in my class. Instructors say i am an even better pilot then wesley crusher. "Hoping to peak doctors interest"

Scanning him with the tricorder she nodded to what to had to say. "Interesting... How much time do you occupy performing physical actives?" She asked she didn't really care about his knowledge she only cared if he was physically able to do his job.

"Being Ferengi and Klingon this kinda pissed him off" . I am very capable of doing my job "Yells" like i said best pilot starfleet has seen in a while lieutenant. As he stares at her body longing to kiss her but knows he cannot due to rank and knowing she is vulcan and her feeling will not be the same

When he yelled at her she dropped her tricorder and walked backgrounds in a defensive stance. "Ensign, are you telepathic? Or had any Counseling training?" She asked staring at him from afar

Sorry Lieutenant

She dropped her guard and breathed then said. "You're physically fit for duty Ensign you now need to complete your mental examination by a ship Counselor." She said walking behind the desk where she sat before Ensign Bailey came in she said. "I'm the acting Chief Counselor please seat." She said pointing at a chair across from her.

Lieutenant. May. I speak off the Record

"You may." She answered and swerved her chair to face him on the biobed.

My I ask you to Join me in mess after this for some. Romulan Ale or maybe some Vulcan Brandy. Or my favorite Romucan Scotch

"How many times a day do you drink these alcoholic beverages?" The Doctor asked.

I am Klingon. Lieutenant. Do you really need to ask .
So lieutenant you going to join me for drinks or not

“No Thanks... Ensign Bailey I Doctor Tyjuuc chief medical and acting counselling officer declar you physically fit for duty. I want to have a counselling session with you tomorrow 1300 hundred hours okay?”

Fine. "Mumbles under his breathe I will make this Vulcan my mate under all means necessary" hope she did not hear him. Walks down the hall turns around goes back/in to med bay ask smiles. And says i will see you tomorrow lieutenant thank you

Lieuteant Tyjuuc
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


Ensign Raymond Bailey The Boss
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Chuck Norris
NCC - 4005


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