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Let Go Sweethearts!

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 6:13am by Lieutenant Commander Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: From the top


=C.N. Bridge=

Pibb preped the the tactical station and handed it off to Ensign Starkiller.

+taps combadge+ "All Hazard Team members, report to your stations. We're up."

=Shuttle Bay=

Like clockwork, the teams began to assembled in the shuttle bay. With armor and weapons in place. Pibb could tell they were nervous. Aside, from the simulators and obstacle course of fire Beerus and the gang set up. This was likely the first real combat these men would see. He wondered how many would return safely. He shook his head. No need to concern with that now, he thought.

Beerus, was drilling the men, checking weapons and running last minute scenarios with them. Ryoko was acting like Chief as always. Pibb smiled as he could tell the Kelpien had watched too many sci-fi shows.

"Get on the ready line! Get out! Go! Go! Ahhh, absolutely, badasses!! There is nothing to worry about people! We're gonna come here and kick some."

Pibb looked over the Hazard teams carefully. Ready they were, he thought to himself.

+taps combadge+ Hazard team leader to Captain. Were are go. Any last words or orders before we go, Sir?"


Lt. Balen Pibb


MAC Mark Ryoko
Chief Investigator


D.J. Beerus
Bar Keep & Retired Hazard Team Leader


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