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Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 3:34am by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Shortly after Ensign Riley's Post

ON: (Starbase 10 - Turbolift)

Winters leaned back into the turbolift, his hands ran over his face, through his hair before letting out an audible sigh. There was a slight thud as his head met the metal. With his eyes closed, it was hard to pin point how much time had passed since he first stepped in. He could hear the door opened, but couldn't muster the strength to even bother and open his eyes.

"Looks like you've been having a long day there Commander."

"You have no idea the kind of days I've been

"Well I can tell you, there is a great Spa down on deck 76, and after that there is a great sushi place on deck 44, a fine Mexican place on deck 50, but my personal favorite place is on deck 22. There is this great burger place, just, I can't even describe it."

"I mean those all sound nice... I think I may have gotten to that Mexican place already."

"Well if you need any more suggestions, I'm glad to help. I just got back from my vacation and I'm feeling really good and relaxed. Gone for a few weeks now, Risa obviously, but it feels good to be back."

Aurther laughed, "Risa would be good." A thought came over his mind, maybe this man would be an ally. He opened up his eyes as he asked his question. "What do you do here?"

"Commander of the Station!" Aurther and Admiral Yoshimeyer locked eyes. The Admiral seemed taken aback from the look Winters was giving him. Aurther checked him up and down, saw that the man was tanned, carrying luggage and wearing a red Hawaiian shirt.

"Wait... what?" The doors to the turbolift opened as Ensign Riley went running by, a phaser in her hand she turned back and fired off a few shots before beginning to run some more.

"SPECIES 8472! SPECIES 8472!" Riley screamed, Aurther threw his body against Yoshimeyer and pinned him to the side of the lift. As two giant creatures ran by, Aurther's instincts kicked in and he go ready to chase, he stepped out of the turbolift and gauged the situation. On any other day, he might have been phased more by this, but at this point, it was just the status quo.

"Wait!" Admiral Yoshimeyer called out. Winters turned his head and his reflex helped him catch the phaser rifle that was tossed to him. "It's dangerous to go alone out there, take this."
Aurther checked the power cell of the rifle as it purred to life, with that, he nodded and took off after the aliens. The Admiral tapped his comm badge. "Yoshimeyer to ops, intruder alert."


Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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