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Alone no more

Posted on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 @ 7:27am by Lieutenant JG Steven Wright

Rolling over to the gentle chirp of his alarm, Steven Wright sat up and stretched. "Computer, turn off alarm." He rose slowly, humming a classical tune to himself. He made his way to his desk, and while reviewing his agenda for the day, and checking summaries of communications and sensor logs from the night before, said "Computer, start sonic shower, and prepare Wright dietary supplement number 17 in 600 seconds." Removing his sleeping attire, he stepped into the sonic shower.

After cleaning himself, Wright emerged and dressed, grabbing bites of his scrambled eggs and bacon between articles of clothing. "Computer, begin recording personal log," he said as he finished dressing and eating, pinning his pip to his collar. Shuffling through the padds on his desk, he began dictating as he started his work for the day, three hours before his shift.

"This has been one of my most interesting postings so far. While my duties have in the past involved primarily translation and transcription services, I had performed Intelligence duties many times in the past. Having always been skilled with computers and encryption, Intelligence seems to be my natural fit within The Federation. Since coming onboard the Chuck Norris, I have been serving as the sole member of this ship's Intelligence Department. Today, that changes. My department head has returned to the ship, after a harrowing trip and saving Captain Winters' life."

"It will be an interesting change to actually have a Department Head for the first time since coming aboard. Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt had been missing since before I came aboard, but it'll be nice to not be solely responsible for the Norris' Intelligence Department. This should also allow me far more opportunities to work with the Hazard Team, as well as serve roles besides glorified data sifting."

"Wyatt has been recovering in Starbase 10's med-bay for nearly a week, but should be back at his job any time now. I wonder how we'll get along. While it was unexpected, and more of a work load than usual, I quite enjoyed the opportunity to familiarize myself with the Norris without a department head. It allowed me the freedom to simply pursue my work, with no distractions or delegating of tasks taking up useful time. Perhaps I never would have shared my secret if I hadn't been working alone, but I am glad that I admitted it to my Commanding Officer for the first time."

"Computer, end personal log, save it with my standard personal encryption protocols." Putting most of the padds in a stack on the left edge of his desk, Wright pulled up Wyatt's status on Starbase 10's records. 'Oh good' he thought to himself, 'It appears Wyatt has been released.' Putting away all but his work padd, Wright left his quarters and went in search of his department head.


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