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A new task

Posted on Sun Sep 26th, 2021 @ 3:53am by Commander Ech'am G'ginloss

My thoughts computer are this. I have had a roller coaster of a year on this ship. Many battles, promotions, and ceremonies raising me to heights seldom seen within the klingon and federation community. Being the XO of this ship is not without its trials, I only wish there had been more that I could have done in this last mission. However I did what was needed. Only what was needed. In this sense, the federation sense, I did not fail. However in the warrior sense I have let down my kin. This is something that should not be repeated. I did not loose any honor in this past mission, although I did not live up to my past performances on this ship. I must do better. I did not faily captain, nor my crew, but I will do better, in these future times.

On my heritage side, I am now officially seen as a full bred adult, warrior, and battle Master. Even though I am older, I have defeated my younger siblings. Although the battle was hard, and long fought. I was the clear victor. This has not only won honor in my family, but for the federation, and the Chuck Norris ship and crew.

A new mission, another chance to earn my rank, status, and position aboard this ship. First though we have gotten a new medical officer, and I am a month overdue on my physical. If I do that first I'll be late for my shift in the engineering section, however the order came from the captain that we are to get our physical completed before we arrive to the triangle of death. In this instance only it will be forgivable to be late for duty. As this is about being fit for duty. If one is not fit for duty, one is not an asset, rather they are a liability where work is concerned. Perhaps even I'll get a chance to see how Capt winters is doing in the first place.

Either way, I should touch basis with him to go over the last mission, and see where I can improve command should the need arise again.

Computer, end log.

LT Commander Ech'am G'ginloss
Xo/Chief Engineer
USS Chuck Norris


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