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So That Happened

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2024 @ 6:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lance

Personal Log: Kevin Lance

I kissed Mira. And I don’t remember it.

Worse, I am told that she does.

In my efforts to forget the things that I had to do to escape Talbort III in the Gamma Quadrant, I got so drunk that I took complete leave of reason and lost self-control. Had I been sober, I would never have been so forward to put her into a compromising position.

She must be furious with me. She is deserving of my loyalty and professional commitment, not unwanted advances from an ugly subordinate.

As Chief Flight Control Officer, I don’t have the luxury of avoiding the Executive Officer. I can only hope that she will choose to overlook my impropriety and allow us to continue on as if it never happened.

I wished that things were different but they are what they are.

End Log


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