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What a day

Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2023 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale

{personal log}

Today has been...... confusing and stressful. The USS Chuck Norris is in the mirror universe, and I find myself playing catchup on history that never should have been and doing things I never thought would be needed.

One of the things is I had a run-in with a klingon captain who informed not only myself but the crew that my mirror self was a psychotic killer... Well, a serial murder should be included in that statement also since, as far as this captain knew, she (my mirror self) had 47 confirmed kills under her belt. Perhaps there are more or less at this point I don't know. I don't think I want to know. 47 murders is...... horrible. What type of people can do that and still sleep at night.

It also seems the mirror universe Rodale goes by the name Angel Lox or the Angel of Death. To have that last name, she had to have taken the Lox symbiont while in the prime universe my brother Von joined with the Lox symbiont.

And since this Angel is so horrible in this universe, does that make my brother a good man here? Or did Angel kill him to get the symbiont? Maybe something else I don't want to know.

I'm not sure how the stress will be on the crew, but I'll have to find a way to help them as I help myself get through it. This will not be an easy time for everyone. There are no mirror universe classes on this at starfleet and I do understand why it's been classified. Too many people would want to get their loved ones back, not realizing they would be the opposite of what they had. A nightmare.

The first contact with a being from over here was our captain's mirror. While I find both men intimidating. Looking into the cold eyes of the mirror, Michael Intermeezo scared the crap out of me. The padd in my had was taken, and all the attempts i have made since then to destroy or erase it have failed. I pray that doesn't come back to bite me later.

log saved.
Lt.Commander Mira Rodale
USS Chuck Norris


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